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  1. GizzardLizard

    New Bronco Sport trimline - the covered by warranty

    I mean that sucks when theres any issue with a new vehicle but this comes across as if you were almost waiting for there to be a problem no matter how big or small so you could say "AH-HA I KNEW THIS CAR WOULD BE A POS" which is a really odd attitude to have for such a large purchase you...
  2. GizzardLizard

    2023 Bronco Sport Build & Price is up!

    When you select the steelies on the BB and OB it comes up to add to BD package, but otherwise it's not listed which is strange.
  3. GizzardLizard

    2023 Bronco Sport Build & Price is up!

    Playing around with it I found something kind of interesting: If you equip a Big Bend with the BD package, Convenience Package and 360+ and a Heritage Edition with Convenience, 360+, and Underbody Protection the Heritage comes out almost $1k cheaper. Big Bend: Heritage Edition:
  4. GizzardLizard

    2023 Bronco Sport Build & Price is up!

    Build and price is updated for 2023. Even just the renders of Eruption Green look a lot better than those couple spy photos IMO
  5. GizzardLizard

    Robin's Egg Blue and Peak Blue Bronco Sport Heritage & Heritage Limited Spotted

    I like Peak Blue. It's a lighter tone than Atlas but not as much as Velocity, kind of in between. Would be nice to see it become available on all models. Like DemonGT said it's not that unique to be a limited color.
  6. GizzardLizard

    2023 Potential White Painted Roof Option

    Of course once I finally get my BS the very next model year they start adding a bunch of options I had been really wanting them to do (Green, BD Package, Heritage Editions, now this) :headbang: Regardless, I love it. I think they should've done it from the get go especially since in the concept...
  7. GizzardLizard

    Eruption Green 2023 Bronco Sport first look

    It looks nice, but its not blowing me away. Odd because I was excited to hear they were offering this color for 23. I'll have to see one in person first.
  8. GizzardLizard

    Anyone else....maybe me? Tired of Bronco owners knocking on the Bronco Sport

    I've not encountered this personally, but see it every now and then online and while I tend to brush it off it does irk me nonetheless. The thing in particular that irritates me is when people say "its just an Escape with a different body." While partially true, its extremely reductive. It may...
  9. GizzardLizard

    WeatherTech rock and bug guard, under hood edge mount

    Following. Got my first rock chip in the windshield recently plus I'm tired of all the bug splatter so I'm definitely interested in this especially since it bolts to the hood.
  10. GizzardLizard

    Photo Dump - Atlas Blue vs. Velocity Blue

    Saw an Atlas Blue Explorer ST on a lot the other day and compared it to my Velocity Blue BB. Definitely a much darker color. Still not a huge fan, honestly. I hope Ford brings VB or a similar Blue back in the future. At least now they have Eruption Green is an option.
  11. GizzardLizard

    Spied: Bronco Sport Heritage Edition In Yellowstone Metallic

    This color and the Robin's Egg Blue I really like, especially with the white parts. Curious to see what that Peak Blue is going to look like as well. It's a shame you can't get these colors on the non heritage editions, but hey they're special editions for a reason. Also, definitely going to be...
  12. GizzardLizard

    Favorite Color poll

    Velocity blue! Thats why I ordered one in that color 😁 Area 51 is my second choice and what I picked on the 2021 BB I ordered but didn't take. I see it a lot now so I'm glad I got something more unique. However, Area 51 on a Badlands with the gray roof is still one of my favorite color combos...
  13. GizzardLizard

    Photo Dump - Atlas Blue vs. Velocity Blue

    Atlas Blue is a great color, but it doesn't hit the same as Velocity for me. Maybe I just need to see one in person first before I make a definitive judgement. I know velocity pops a lot more in person than photos do it justice, so maybe Atlas is similar.
  14. GizzardLizard

    Official 2023 Maverick Tremor Release! – Specs, Pics, Videos. Priced @ $2,995 🤩

    + 1. I traded in a 2018 Nissan Altima with 90k miles on my current BS and made $2700 ($650 of which went for the down payment). I've been tempted to order a '23 BL and cash in on any equity from my BB. Get it while you can.
  15. GizzardLizard

    2023 Pricing?

    Thanks for the info guys. I was mostly curious about how much Badlands prices have gone up, so thats good news. I've just been trying to decide if I want to wait a year to see what they offer for 2024 (particularly the rumored Hybrid variant) or order a 2023 while my BB has better potiental...
  16. GizzardLizard

    Stats Show Bronco Sport and Bronco are Successful Conquest Vehicles for Ford

    Both a conquest and millenial buyer here, had a Nissan before this. I'd was originally following the info trickling out about the big Bronco for a couple years before the debut. But the Sport started to appeal to me being more refined and economical than its bigger Bronco brother but still...
  17. GizzardLizard

    2023 Pricing?

    So since order banks for MY23 are open now does anyone have info on how pricing has changed? Ford's website is still on MY22 and I expect it to be a couple months before it updates.
  18. GizzardLizard

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Got my oil first oil change/tire rotation yesterday. Using my Ford Pass points so I don't have to pay anything out of pocket. Also went to a local dealer saw a rare sight a couple days ago: alto blue Badlands on a dealer lot. $5k markup and no options except the tow package and cargo management...
  19. GizzardLizard

    Going from 21 Big Bend to 22 Badlands - thoughts and impressions

    As a BB owner I test drove a Badlands and it surprised me how different it is. Definitely feels more rough around the edges which I like, certainly feels like the more capable vehicle it is. As badly as I want a big Bronco they're a little too hardcore for me (also not a fan of the removable...
  20. GizzardLizard

    2023 Bronco Sport Order Guide First Look, Introducing Black Diamond Off-Road Package

    No Green with the Heritage Editions? Thats really disappointing, I think green would've looked awesome and fairly retro with the white bits. Well, at least that Robins Egg Blue is a really nice color and I'm curious to see what that Peak Blue will be like. If nothing else when the time comes...