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  1. USB port not working

    Having the same issue. Taking it to dealer and i'll update.
  2. What's the ratio of Badlands to all other trims ?

    I went with the BS Badlands mostly because I wanted a Sunroof (Moonroof) and I have had all the fun I can stand in a lifetime (sarcasm) with soft tops on previously owned Jeeps and convertibles. Now that I have it, I'm just thrilled that I went with that trim. Just the larger tire upgrade...
  3. Installed Falken Wildpeak 245/65/17s on the Badlands today -- no rub and ride great

    Thanks to everyone that has posted so much info to this site. Went with the Falken Wildpeak A/T3W 245/65/17 tires. No rub and they ride great. Not very much noise tbh. They look like they just belong there!
  4. Is the Honeymoon over already?

    Really happy with mine. From an economics point of view I feel like I have all the bells and whistles in the Badlands and just adding some mods without spending 30-40k more on the Bronco to get the same things. As well, not a huge fan of the soft top as I lived that life already with...
  5. My experiences with my 2022 Bronco Sport Badlands after 1 year and 11,100 miles

    Literally Day 2 after driving my BL Sport off the lot. I do wonder if the Aeroskin II Hood Protector would help at all. I have one in the Garage, but i'm just not crazy happy about the look of it.
  6. The Flashing Speed Limit Sign is Driving Me Bonkers!!!

    Please tell me there's a way to disable this ADD drivers worst nightmare. And don't say go slower ;)
  7. Already lost $8,000

    I take forever to decide on a new vehicle, but from the time that I was looking to the time I fell in love and found the exact Bronco Sport I wanted, the trade in value on my BMW fell by $5000. This was over the course of only 4 months. Honestly I'd look at a lift kit and maybe some running...
  8. Installing new lettering on the tailgate of Bronco Sport - factory lettering?

    I was thinking of these. Easy to install, how are they holding up?