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  1. PugDad

    Best all terrain tires for summer?

    Not the Canadian build.
  2. PugDad

    Any Complaints so far?

    But other than those things you find it ok?
  3. PugDad

    Can I run 18" summer tires & rims and have a separate 17" set of tires & rims for winter?

    Good winter tire there. Just had a new set shipped for the coming winter. Just need the BS to put them on.
  4. PugDad

    Best all terrain tires for summer?

    Not the Bronco Sport 2023 build
  5. PugDad

    Summer time!

    Enjoy, and be safe. Send us a postcard!
  6. PugDad

    Removing SPORT Badge

    Sort of, but you shouldn’t find parts of the last meal you ate!
  7. PugDad

    Removing badges (OuterBanks, Badlands, Big Bend, etc)

    But you are a "Sport" just denying who you are.
  8. PugDad

    Bronco Sport owners waving

    Speedo?...Shorts?.....I dont have any pants on! I get it now.
  9. PugDad

    Ford Molle Bags Accessories?

    I am glad I dont ride share with you......."contact with the victim's blood"
  10. PugDad

    Found Daddy

    I guess Mommy is an orange colour.
  11. PugDad

    Folding Headrests

    "the rear camera washer, but it was removed from all trims in the 23 model year in the states." Canada as well.
  12. PugDad

    Bronco Sport owners waving

    I stand on the road and wave at Bronco Sports as they drive by.........But they think i am a crazy old man and turn thier heads and look away!
  13. PugDad

    skid plate

    There goes a FE.
  14. PugDad

    skid plate

    I hope no one was hurt of course.
  15. PugDad

    Folding Headrests

    I agree completely taking out the camera washers what an asinine thing to do. I had them in my Ford Explorer, I thought what great idea at the time, never had a blurred rear view “ever”. No wiping with your finger as you walk by. Which I have to do in my Vehicle now. But hey I get silly “rain...
  16. PugDad

    No more fold down headrest in the backseats?

    Thank you, sorry to bother again.
  17. PugDad

    Folding Headrests

    "Dilution Package" now thats funny!
  18. PugDad

    Let's Talk Rear Hatch Badges

    You were able to reuse the side badges after removal?
  19. PugDad

    Let's see your rear or side window stickers!

    None of my business of course but your husband devalues you. Looks like wonderful work. Good luck,