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  1. Stereo upgrades

    Been a while since anybody posted any stereo builds/upgrades. Would love to hear about/see what y’all might have done.
  2. Added some mods wanted to share….

    Here’s my Badlands. Wanted to share in case anybody wants to see how some of this might look on their Bronco Sport. I’ve added: Tint Hitch plug Bumper guard Bronco logo Lettering front and back Side molding Mudflaps Gas cover Also added the all weather mats and behind the screen organizer on...
  3. Kentucky Cargo management table

    Just bought a brand new 22 Badlands. Came with the cargo management system. I’m not gonna use the folding table/divider. These are not cheap from Ford. Looking for $450 shipped or message me your offer. Thx!!
  4. B&O Speaker adjustments

    The system stinks. Let’s just get that out of the way. However, I have found that fading the sound one setting to the front and 2 settings to the right produces the loudest and clearest sound throughout the vehicle. Opposite of what I want to do, but it will work until I can do an overhaul...
  5. Satin Black vs Shadow Black spoiler

    Has anybody installed either? And does the satin black match the black roof ok or do I need to spend the extra for the shadow black? Also if anybody has a side pic of their BS with the spoiler I would love to see it. Thx!!