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  1. Summit

    I got the meats on BigBend today: 235/65/R17 Falcon Wildpeak AT Trail Tires

    235 65 R17 Falcon Wildpeak AT Trail No Lift on a Stock 2022 BigBend
  2. Summit

    lower front Bumper trim

    It appears there where some Bronco Sports with a lighter lower front Bumper trim. The piece that surrounds the Tow hook cut outs on both sides.
  3. Summit

    I can't believe what 1" lift in front does to the look

    I had to do a 2" up on my 2022 Ford Ranger to get it to look right. On my wife's new Bronco Sport Big Bend - I just jacked up the front end 1" and what I difference in look. I just ordered a set of WildPeak AT Trail 235 65 17's for it too. Yes, a tamer mod then many here - but it's her Bronco -...