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  1. What made you buy the Bronco Sport?

    I wanted a full size Bronco. ..still do. I wasn’t even aware of the sport I had no Idea where gas prices were going and also had no idea when a fully accessorized, full size, $60K+ Bronco would show up. My oldest daughter will be a driver soon so I had that to consider. What is used market...
  2. vehicle alarm, vehicle alarm, vehicle alarm

    waited a full hour then doubled down
  3. New tires, new pressure?

    Tire pressure is based on weight of vehicle. That’s why we monitor pressures and not volume if you want to go up or down within the range of the tire for ride or condition that’s up to you. the recommended pressure is the balance. Ride, grip, handling, noise, efficiency, vibrations, etc. If...
  4. Lane "Centering" in High Winds

    Uhm.. everyone and everything will have difficulty in high wind conditions.
  5. New to me '21 Bronco Sport Badlands

    I approve
  6. Gas Gauge?!??

    Mine seems to have settled down. My Badlands is 1 year old with @ 15K miles. The gage is accurate and the range is consistent. I only look at price before I get to the pump, once I’m at the pump, the decision has been made and price doesn’t matter. I also try to never go below a 1/4 tank...
  7. Bronco Sport Makes the DST change itself.

    It should If you have automatic selected. It uses GPS. It also switches time zones on It’s own
  8. Taller lift kit

    Why are we lifting subcompact, unibodied, FWD based, subcompact “SUV’s”? Aka CARS beyond an inch or so. small lift are ok but how high until, uh, silly? As a BSBL owner….serious question.
  9. Bronco Sport gas mileage

    there are 20+ threads on gas mileage (I stopped counting) it’s everyone’s favorite topic.
  10. BS BL Snow fun

    the Badlands is not easy to get sideways. The AWD system won’t let me act like a fool. makes for a lame video
  11. My experiences with my 2022 Bronco Sport Badlands after 1 year and 11,100 miles

    Same experience. Badlands 13K miles in 10 months I, too, wish the seat bottoms were a little longer. No thigh support. I’m over 6’3. It’s a subcompact SUV and I accept that.. it wasn’t built with that in mind but after 2 hours behind the wheel it starts to get to me. It’s the only gripe I...
  12. New Badlands

    Good choice. Love the 2.0
  13. Bronco sport recovers a loaded plow truck!

    That was the worst video I’ve ever seen lol click bait lol
  14. Fuel injector cleaner for Badlands?

    I must add my dealer is doing this. If fact, you need to ask them not to do it if you dont want it.
  15. What's your favorite thing about your Sport?

    12000 miles in and we love our BSBL. It has exceeded expectations. Love the rubber flooring and cargo area. It rides good. Better than advertised MPG too.. and I don’t need to be overly mindful to achieve it. Most importantly…My wife really likes it for her in-town run arounds. Easy to...
  16. 2022 BS Badlands Transmission Concern? Maybe.

    I would be cautious using SLIPPERY on just water. Most roads are crested, porous, grooved. Plenty of traction with these A/T tires. cut and paste in previous post from manual. It seems as though the manufacturer is suggesting slippery mode in poor conditions and forbids its use in dry...
  17. 2022 BS Badlands Transmission Concern? Maybe.

    SLIPPERY For less than ideal road conditions such as snow or ice covered roads. You can use this mode for crossing terrain where loose, wet or slippery materials covers a firm surface. Slippery mode lowers throttle response and optimizes shifting for slippery surfaces. The rear differential...
  18. 2022 Bronco Sport Check Charging system

    agree… I’d check the battery. My coworkers 22 Tundra was doing the same thing last month. Had them running in circles. Bad battery the whole time. Went to Costco and put a new battery in it. Solved sometimes the charging system needs a good battery.. to charge the battery. But the dealers...
  19. Fuel injector cleaner for Badlands?

    Rough idle or poor gas mileage? Suspect low quality fuel? I wouldn‘t have expected this topic to come up for quite some time in these rooms. In fact, it’s not on the maintenance schedule for any of my vehicles. But some have old ideas and an itch to scratch. Harmless feel-good action yes…...