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  1. Tigger

    BS Saturdays

    Those look great. Pro-tip, if interested. Get a Water Soluble Sharpie (permanent marker) and you can fill in the “bronco” with your color of choice, or simply reflective black.
  2. Tigger

    Can someone explain the differences between the BroncoSports AWD and the Subaru's?

    No, you are fine! I was just making a bad joke, that I tried to immediately delete but you were too fast. And your post is quite specific so it would be good for someone later that is searching to find this thread. I was just teasing as sometimes the opinions on this topic get “fun”
  3. Tigger

    New Member

    Welcome! My first Sport was a ‘21 Area 51 Big Bend. I moved onto the Heritage Limited but I loved that color and that gas mileage. As for off-roading, a group of us are going this weekend to Badlands Park Indiana tomorrow and one guy that is meeting us is from Ohio. We might talk you into it...
  4. Tigger

    The ever-changing color ... Carbonized Grey 🥰

    You perfectly point out a fallacy that I’ve argued for over 30 years. When you google the most common car colors, you’ll see a result like below. I worked in insurance for over 20 years and always said silver and grey need to be combined. America's Most Popular Car Colors (according to...
  5. Tigger

    What made you buy the Bronco Sport?

    I bought a BMW that I thought I wanted. In less than 6 months, I hated the car and the 16 MPG I was getting. I checked around to trade it in and Ford dealership offered a lot more than Carmax, Carvana or other dealerships. They had a Bronco and a Bronco Sport and I test drove each and bought...
  6. Tigger

    New tires, new pressure?

    No. I would do one of these three and keep in mind cold wether could need a couple extra psi: - 33 as in the door jam for this vehicle - 80% of max psi for your tire and never any more - somewhere between the first two options (this is my personal recommendation) 28 psi is too low unless you...
  7. Tigger

    The Latest In Supply Chain Shortages…

    Is Banff in the area? I will be there in June! correction as my daughter said it will be early Autumn Does anyone read my posts?! I’ve been saying since the beginning to not order floor mats. Ford always adds them.
  8. Tigger

    The Latest In Supply Chain Shortages…

    You can have my carpeted floor mats for a 12 pack of Guinness. edit: I’ll even settle for your best local IPA. I’m flexible! :captain:
  9. Tigger

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I’m getting ready for the Chicagoland Broncos trip to Badlands Park Indiana this Sunday and added this little necessity. Very excited! Now I need to decide if it fits in the secret back seat compartment or tire well.
  10. Tigger

    Roof top light bar

    I want to see a night picture. I'm guessing the lights are pointing at the total wrong angle based on how they are sitting. oops, I’m sorry, I need more Riotfunk in my post. I’ll bet it’s at the totally wrong fucking angle. :crackup:
  11. Tigger

    Promo video for the new Scout: "America's Next Shot"

    I’m usually lost but I think I have this one … EB = Easter Bunny?
  12. Tigger

    Promo video for the new Scout: "America's Next Shot"

    I’m confused by the video. It is selling America more than a vehicle and that vehicle is from a German manufacturer. Confusing, but what do I know. edit: @Mark S. your article is more recent than the one I read. Poor research on my part as I see several other articles confirming South...
  13. Tigger

    UPDATE 104,000 miles on Badlands Bronco Sport

    Click your account icon. Click account details. Change model.
  14. Tigger

    Disgusted by Price Increases

    David (Idahobro) I have a much more plausible and logical explanation. It’s my fault. When people see me driving my Sport they say to themselves “even that Tigger looks cool in one of those. I need to get me one.” They’ll pay anything to look this good. I apologize.
  15. Tigger

    Lane "Centering" in High Winds

    Yes. And we have so much road repair going on that the black tar filling cracks is new and shiny and it thinks it is a lane. Between that and the Illinois prairie wind, it’s permanently shutoff.
  16. Tigger

    Disgusted by Price Increases

    This is the ballgame for me. If this is my competition, I’ll take the Sport thank you very much. Also, this is listed price-range but my wife built a RAV4 last month. It came to $43k MSRP and would cost $46k (our local dealer quoted).
  17. Tigger

    Disgusted by Price Increases

    I just had an experience opposite of this thread. My neighbor was over for a beer. He liked my Sport and I left him drive it (but I held the beer 😉). He could not believe it was such a low price, so he went and got one … well kind of. There was a new 2022 Bronco Outer Banks on the lot for...
  18. Tigger

    Color for emblems on Cactus Gray?

    I do not know the dimensions as I bought mine on Etsy but I wanted to add to what you said about the outline. Not only does the outline look good but it is the best way to assure the longevity of the overlays. A full covering will peel from the edges but if you leave the outline, it will last...
  19. Tigger

    New to me '21 Bronco Sport Badlands

    Are there any used BSers? Asking for a friend :lipssealed:
  20. Tigger

    New to me '21 Bronco Sport Badlands

    Yeah Mark, I feel like Allen was lurking on this thread and was correctly calling us BSers. Welcome Allen and you will have some great fun with that nice ride, especially in Tennessee!