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  1. Mark S.

    Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

    Have you been talking to my wife? She modifies it a bit: "not-all-that-convincing blowhard."
  2. Mark S.

    Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

    I don't believe there are any straight dino-based oils that meet API SP standards.
  3. Mark S.

    Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

    That's because we're the more CIVILIZED Bronco crowd. Heh...
  4. Mark S.

    Blackout badges for my patriotic TEXAS BRONCO SPORT.

    You can purchase vinyl overlay letters from any number of places online. The secret to getting them on straight is use a lot of application fluid. What's that, you ask? Well, you can pay a lot of money for it over at Amazon, or you can just make you own. If you have a smaller size spray bottle...
  5. Mark S.

    Roof Rattle

    Since it's under warranty, and you've already gotten the runaround, you might feel committed to making your service department actually fix the damn thing. If you get completely frustrated with that process, and you feel a bit adventurous, you can probably fix it yourself without a great deal of...
  6. Mark S.

    This is where all Ford's money has been going.

    And that's why "real" Bronco owners don't like the Bronco Sport... :bandit:
  7. Mark S.

    Security System Alert-Shock Detected to the Vehicle

    I think your salesman is right. The dealership service dept should be able to adjust the sensitivity for you.
  8. Mark S.

    Try again - HELP with RC Nudge Bar install on BADLANDS

    The system shuts down all non-essential devices that use battery power. You typically lose all the remote access features available using the FordPass app. It's a protective measure meant to preserve battery power for engine start when the system deems the battery is depleted beyond a certain point.
  9. Mark S.

    Try again - HELP with RC Nudge Bar install on BADLANDS

    There have been many reports of bad OEM batteries. Have your battery load tested (not just a voltage check, but a true load test) to determine its health. It's likely your battery is weak and/or failing.
  10. Mark S.

    5W-30 API-SP oil list (with notes/links)

    GF-6B is only for SAE 0W-16 viscosity grade oil, and unlike GF-6A it's not backward compatible with older specifications.
  11. Mark S.

    Did I get a lemon

    This could also be a maintenance error. The intake tract on these vehicles is complicated. Air comes in through the airbox and filter, goes through the compressor side of the turbocharger, then through a heat exchanger to extract heat added during compression before finally going through the...
  12. Mark S.

    Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

    No, you can compare filters, just compare them based on how they do their job, not how they're made. There's nothing in that video discussing filter performance. Construction material shouldn't matter as long as the filter does what it's supposed to do. I get that sentiment, but nothing in that...
  13. Mark S.

    This is where all Ford's money has been going.

    Yup. Everyone's use case is different. If you need heavy hauling or towing over distance, the electric revolution has not gotten there yet.
  14. Mark S.

    Bronco Sport Winch?

    They don't provide a lot of detail about how that "bumper bar" is attached to the vehicle other than to say it's "bolted to the subframe." Unfortunately, if you visit the Vivid Racing you won't find this product listed anywhere, so my guess is someone actually tried a recovery using the shackle...
  15. Mark S.

    Loose screw caused damage to splash guard

    This is the key phrase—it's not possible to determine why your splash guard fell off. Whether or not you get warranty coverage for it will depend greatly on the relationship you have with your dealership service department. This is one of the reasons I try to keep all my interactions with them...
  16. Mark S.

    5W-30 API-SP oil list (with notes/links)

    I can't find a reference for it online (Ford puts its Material Specification documents behind a paywall), but FoMoCo is among the manufacturers that advise the International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee (ILSAC) on the development of minimum standards for automotive oils. GF-6 is...
  17. Mark S.

    Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

    I watched it up to where he started tearing the end cap apart. This reviewer is evaluating oil filter material and design, but he's has not told us about his qualifications. Does he have any engineering and design credentials pertaining to oil filter manufacturing? As far as I can tell, his...
  18. Mark S.

    Roof top light bar

    Totally unacceptable. I would take it back and tell them in no uncertain terms you want it fixed. Keep in mind, hiding the wiring is not easy. It will take some time, and you shouldn't be surprised at the labor costs. I've attached the install instructions for Ford's lightbar. You can take that...
  19. Mark S.

    About Turbochargers.