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  1. 60% of Bronco Sport owners coming from different brands. Are you?

    I was waiting and waiting to see if the new Forester would have a stronger engine for over a year, they didn't and the Bronco Sport magically appeared at the right time, can't wait until my order comes in!
  2. Dealer mark up price

    I would ask the out of state dealer about how the taxes work, I'm pretty sure I'm paying my instate tax rate, not the out of state taxes even though the dealer is there. Still I don't know how great a Costco dealer would be since the experience is supposed to be "no haggle" - so pretty inflexible.
  3. Dealer mark up price

    Sure - while I went thru their program - it's ok and the dealer I went to was no pressure and there was a dealer discount of just under $500 from the MSRP, BUT the discount was wiped out by an excessive Doc fee of approx. $700. Doc fees depend on what state you're in, so do an internet search...
  4. Dealer mark up price

    I'm trying the Costco Auto program and will probably find out in a week or so the pricing after i meet with them (they are almost an hour away though). I suspect some dealers are trying to take advantage of this model and the mustang as they are supposedly a hot commodity and not always readily...
  5. Badlands vs Outer Banks

    that's good news about the mpg - thanks!
  6. Badlands vs Outer Banks

    I just came back from my Badlands test drive, decision is made! So the Badlands vs. Outer banks - while I did not test the Outer Banks - I did look at one inc. the interior. I did test the Big Bend (same engine) - I highly recommend if you haven't test driven with the two different engines, that...