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  1. Is Outer Banks beachworthy?

    Thanks for the good responses. I’ll try the low tire pressure when fall comes and the beach will be open to driving.
  2. Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Here is a new pic of Breeze my Bronco OB. Sign says end of the road. Actually it the start of US 70 in Atlantic NC. 2300 miles later would take you to where it ends, Globe AZ
  3. Is Outer Banks beachworthy?

    Can anyone tell me if the Outer Banks is beachworthy? It’s not actually an easy question as many vehicles get stuck there from time to time. Next season for beach driving I would like to get a pass, but I would hate to get pulled out. The dealership, in a beach community would not go on record...
  4. North Carolina Broncos

    Here in SOBX with my BS Outer Banks, what else. My Area 51 loves being here. I was very lucky to get Breeze, she is very sweet.
  5. Yakima Bars on Badlands Mannequin = lotsa wind noise.

    If you have the sharp side of the crossbar facing to the front of the car it was installed wrong. The rounded side is to face to the front. It seems wrong but it is.
  6. Another AREA 51 Bronco Sport Badlands sighting - best look yet

    The yellow, black, and white are the worst. I usually like white cars. It does not work on the BS
  7. Whistle noise

    If the crossbars have the thin side facing towards the front they are installed backwards. The rounded side faces to the front.