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  1. Power Man

    Why Sport vs Base model full-size Bronco?

    I got the BS sooner than the G6 Bronco. I am ordering the G6 now, but have been told a 9 to 12 month wait...driving Sport in the mean time.
  2. Power Man

    Extra room under the hood

    Definitely the air horn...have one on my 69 bronco.
  3. Power Man

    First Look at Hood Scoop accessory on Bronco Sport

    We had nine options added to our OB. My first one was the hood scoop. They did a tremendous job designing this scoop. My 1969 bronco has an active scoop, my mustang has a scoop, so I had to get one on the new BS. As you all know, this Bronco is a people magnet everywhere we go. The first...
  4. Power Man

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    I thought I had posted on the Cactus Gray thread...but here is ours received on March 23.
  5. Power Man

    Body side molding anyone?

    Wiyety, I do not feel they stick out far at all. See pic below.
  6. Power Man

    Anyone install Body Side Moulding?

    PaulM, yes I got the side molding. It was one of nine accessories that I ordered the dealer installed mine...see pic below.
  7. Power Man


    Yes I got one...but mine is quite different than the rock’s all 1/16 scale. Yes, it is setting on a table cloth.
  8. Power Man

    Ohio Roll Call!

    Got our OB on March 23...Love it so far. We had9 accessories, but got one we do not want. Have the inside bike rack if anyone interested.
  9. Power Man

    Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    We picked up our OB on March 23. Love it so far. Got 9 Accessories for the Bronco. One we did want...if interested we have the inside bicycle rack available.
  10. Power Man

    60% of Bronco Sport owners coming from different brands. Are you?

    I have had both Chevys and Dodges...but I think I am at around 50 Fords in my 59 years of driving. We always seem to have 4 or 5 vehicles at a time.
  11. Power Man

    Rough Country Nudge Bar now available

    Looks like it will not work with active cruise that correct?
  12. Power Man

    A simple tint makes a world of difference

    Got my window tint last is the way to it.
  13. Power Man

    Bronco Sport: The Good, The Bad & Ugly

    The power rear heads up 2.0 in OB
  14. Power Man

    Whats your BS's name and why

    Here is my 69...
  15. Power Man

    Whats your BS's name and why

    Very interesting blog. I have had 9 Broncos...none were named. Have two now...a 1969 red/white top and my new OB. Maybe time to consider some names
  16. Power Man

    Got My Bronco Sport BL/BL

    We should point out that your new Broncos are quite the people magnet...every where you go.
  17. Power Man

    Got My Bronco Sport BL/BL

    we got our OB om March 23. It had 8 accessory options and one we do not want. Anyone looking for a inside bike we have a deal for you. We love it so far.
  18. Power Man

    Ford allowing mannequins to be sold

    we signed up for a mannequin in early January, and just got our OB last Tuesday. Ford decided to release it 2 weeks early, which we appreciated. We ordered 8 options but got one we do not need. If anyone wants the inside bike we have a great deal. So far love it.
  19. Power Man

    Cold Air Induction

    Fossil, Yes I do...the box that most manufactures provide are just allowing air to be sucked in through a flat filter...which is also limited by the 2” x 5” opening at the front of vehicle Feeding the box. Most aftermarket cold air systems use a round filter maximizing the amount of air taken...
  20. Power Man

    Cold Air Induction

    Does anyone know of a company building a cold air induction system for the 2021 Bronco Sport 1.5 Dragon.