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  1. Waiting room

    I got a call that a Red BL+BL all loaded out was for sale as the people that ordered it backed out. Woohoo!!!!! Jumped in the trade-in and 15 minutes towards the dealer got another call, it was sold. :( We went anyway to see it as we have not seen a Rapid Red on a sunny day. We would not have...
  2. Waiting room

    I was saying to the wife that if it takes too long I'll refuse it. We'll be buying a 2021 at the start of the 2022 model year.
  3. Waiting room

    Wranglers are fun, but totally different. We had a 2015 JK (2-door) and liked it a lot. It had 35's on it and if I had it to do over, I would have kept the stock size tires on it. It was just too squirrely over bumps. A 4-door would have been better with the big tires. It was a Sport trim so it...
  4. Can you plug a thumb drive into a USB port and play music from it?

    My Rav4 has only one data port. I use a USB hub to plug my music key and phone at the same time. I wonder if that will work on the BS.
  5. Waiting room

    Got my build date email tonight: Ordered 3/19/21, order confirmed same day. Email today, 4/15/21, with build date of 6/14/21 BL/BL, Area 51, 360+, tow, cms and 235 tires.
  6. Car washes with Yakima Timberline Cross Bars?

    I wouldn't do it, too many places to trap the cloths. Even a touchless might hit the extended bars. IMHO, the risk vs reward is just too great.
  7. New Bronco Sport "Torture Test" TFL Off-Road Review

    I own a BroncoII, I've always called it a "baby Bronco". I called the first gen I had a "Bronco" and the second gen a "big Bronco".
  8. New Bronco Sport "Torture Test" TFL Off-Road Review

    This is the one I was waiting for. Too bad their most difficult trails are snow covered. The BS was just killing it. I remember that they tried the Renegade Trailhawk on Cliffhanger2.0 and I think it got just past where they stopped the BS. But that was on dry ground. I don't remember any suv...
  9. Waiting room

    I'm not good at waiting. I've decided that if it takes long enough for me save up the difference between the BS I ordered and the 4Runner I want just a little less than the BS, I'm getting the 4Runner. I think that there is a good chance that one like what I ordered will come to dealer near...
  10. Test drove and noticed steering loose?

    I test drove a couple that were new arrivals and they both had more than 40psi in the tires. One had a tire at 47psi.
  11. Got My Bronco Sport BL/BL

    Looks really good. Who installed your flares?
  12. Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    My concern would be metal and paint fatigue. In the long run will the paint crack or will the hood warp out of shape from flexing over and over for years? My Wrangler had the hood move around at 80+, but it was only held down by what is essentially a big rubber bands.
  13. Incentives End Today - 3/31

    Same here. I'm not good at waiting...
  14. Ordered new wheels and tires.

    They look great!
  15. Anyone else planning on using a GPS?... Mounting option ideas

    Good idea. My Garmin does not like being on the dash on sunny summer days, it overheats. I sometimes like to use the Garmin to keep the vehicle screen available for other things (ya, first world problem...). If I ever get my BS, I'll have to look into making a gps mount.
  16. Hood Graphics

    The reason I'll get a hood decal is to keep the sun from reflecting into my eyes. Therefore it will be matte black for me.
  17. Bronco Sport 2.0L gets ECU flash tune by Vivid Racing ["VR Tuned ECU Flash"]

    Yeah, the before numbers were better in the first vid. Within 10whp of the tuned the after vid. They lowered the "before" numbers drastically, from 208whp to 170whp. They don't say there was a tire change which would make a difference, just lights and lift. Edit: looking at the graph, it might...
  18. Hood Graphics

    Perfect, thanks. Now I just need my Bronco Sport to show up to go under it ! :)
  19. Hood Graphics

    Are they safe for automated car washes?
  20. Dealer mark up price

    My local dealer offered invoice from the get-go. I can get X-plan which is slightly higher than invoice but saves hundreds on dealer fees.