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    What to spend reward points on

    Floor mats, cargo mat, hood protector.
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    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    This isn't my Bronco Sport, but I 'm sure they used lug adapters. Most wheel/tire shops will have them. With lug adapters, you can essentially fit any bolt pattern to any vehicle (within reason).
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    Ford owner account and order tracking

    Within a few days of the build, they should send you an email with a link that says "Track My Order". It will bring you to a totally different area on their website (Ford Vehicle Order Tracking). That page will also have the downloadable window sticker. My vehicle has been built and is in...
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    Does Anyone Know Stock Wheel Offset for OB?

    offset +38 center bore 63.4 mm bolt pattern 5x108
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    Sport mine being built yet?

    You should receive an email like this. My dealer told me my production date would be March 22, however Ford has it scheduled for April 12.
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    Order Deposit Amount?

    I put down the $100 deposit when reserving, plus the dealership wanted a $1000 deposit when the order was placed. It all depends on the dealership.
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    News on suspension kits ?? Or bumpers ?

    My order is for a base model. Don't know of any trim level particulars for it.
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    News on suspension kits ?? Or bumpers ?

    Yes! I met with the GM at Jim Tidwell Ford in Kennesaw, GA today. My build date isn't until March 22nd, sadly. However, he informed me there were a ton more dealer options coming, including a 2 inch lift installed with larger tires on the factory wheels. He stated the dealer optioned lift will...
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    I'm in! Keeping it simple, started with a BASE. Viewer discretion is advised.
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    245/60R18 tires fit no rub on Bronco Sport!

    Looks great! How's the road noise?
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    Just Glamour Shots Really

    I'm waiting on my reservation to be converted to an order and here Autonation Ford (Marietta, GA) sits with a Big Bend, Badlands & First Edition for sale 🤦🏾‍♂️.
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    Is the BS 1.5L EcoBoost the same 1.5L that have had coolant leak issues?

    Doesn't seem to be the same. The 1.6 & 1.5 Liter engines in this article were in-line 4 cylinders, offered from 2013-2019 respectively in the Escape. Pretty sure these engines are now defunct. The 1.5 liter Dragon ecoboost engine in the Bronco Sport is a 3 cylinder engine.
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    Finally, The Base model appears.

    Finally got to go hands on with the no frills base model (Jim Tidwell Ford, Kennesaw, GA). Really looks great with everything blacked out (same as my order). I was pleased the door interiors have a sort of soft touch rubberized material; I believe it carries over from the dash. Felt spacious for...