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  1. Fuel Choice in Colorado

    I've been using 91 since it's between that or 85 at the Costco gas stations here. Pretty consistent 26.7 gas mileage, but I'm also still within the first 1500 miles break in period and babying it.
  2. Steep Roads , Which Gear

    Drove through Allen's Park, Estes Park, and some of Johnny Park trail on the side in the snow before going back to the front range. I stayed in normal mode and hit the paddle shifters to downshift from 6th gear to 5th or 4th (enough to brake and try to remain under 4000-5000 RPM). I was...
  3. 2/16 Ship Date Status & Updates

    Order date was Oct. 21st, 2020. Ship date: 2/13 Transit was 16 days. Took delivery on 2/26. This is in the front range of Colorado; the ETA was March 11th.