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  1. mujari

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    I wanna see all the good pictures
  2. mujari

    Where have you ventured in california?

    I've only really taken saphira out into some minor offroad areas, nothing too crazy. Joshua tree and off Ortega highway
  3. mujari

    How are you finding front seat size and comfort?

    ya i cant use it for long periods, i get the same issue with my left thigh so i just pull it back a bit
  4. mujari

    How are you finding front seat size and comfort?

    do you rest your foot on the foot rest? i always have my food flat, knee against the door
  5. mujari

    How are you finding front seat size and comfort?

    im a big dude, had a lariat f150 before, i was legit worried about this when i got the bronco, but found there was not really any issue after breakin, 2000 miles later and i'm perfectly comfy, driving, sleeping, anything
  6. mujari

    Whats your BS's name and why

    Bruh I hope it doesn't end up like artax lol
  7. mujari

    SoCal Thread

    NICE next time you go hit me up. i'm new to offroading and would be more comfortable doing it in mine with someone experienced haha
  8. mujari

    So what would you change?

    I think outer banks being the "luxury" option shouldve had the B&O sound and moonroof standard, with the bigger engine and 4wd modes of the badlands optional. BL interior is a gross color. also if the outer banks could choose wheel size, know how hard it is to find tires in an 18 inch rim with...
  9. mujari

    Qualification for 0.9% APR

    i got mine before this was up and still got the 2.9, my credit score was 655
  10. mujari

    Whats your BS's name and why

    So I always thought it was kind of lame to name your vehicle. My motorcycles and cars were always black and plain, but it changed when I saw my outer banks. I went to the ford dealership in victorville to get one and as soon as I saw it I knew it was mine. Named her saphira after the dragon lol.
  11. mujari

    The Bronco Sport Wave 👋🏻

    lets just do finger guns.
  12. mujari

    SoCal Thread

    Victorville here. Haven't seen ANY others yet except at the dealership. Plenty of dirt up here for fun