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  1. ahnuts

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Gettin' dirty in the desert
  2. ahnuts

    WHERE did you go with your Bronco Sport today?

    Drove it down to an area known as "Little Moab" to try it on some slick rock before I head down to the big Moab in a couple weeks.
  3. ahnuts

    Have you driven with the rear glass open?

    All this "Driving with the back window open will kill you" nonsense is as insane as Korean fan death.
  4. ahnuts

    Awaiting shipment

    Mine was finished building last Saturday and shipped on Monday.
  5. ahnuts

    Track Your Bronco Sport Order by VIN #

    I had that happen to me, but it's working now. I think the service just went down for a little while.
  6. ahnuts

    Production Date Delay

    Yup, same for me. It's a dealer ordered one that I put a deposit on. When I ask the dealer about when it should come, they just say it doesn't say but it should come soon. If I put the VIN in the tracker on this site, it just says "In Production" and my ETA end date is 01-01-1990.
  7. ahnuts

    Production Date Delay

    My BL+BL w/ Tow Package has been "In Production" since Jan 3, with no expected completion date. I'm assuming this is because of the moon roof and tow package supply issues. Has anyone else had their Bronco Sport "In Production" for that long?