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  1. 1.5L Model AWD/4x4

    The normal awd system is pretty impressive. I have the badlands and have been in a lot of different terrain short of rock crawling and haven’t needed to use any of the goat modes yet. I suspect the badlands is overkill for what I need and I could have gone with a lower model.
  2. Pre collision warnings

    There is a sensitivity setting in the software where you set approximate car lengths to react to. I think normal is two, and the least sensitive is 1 car length. I currently have it set to two, but as getting alarms when there isn’t anything around me. Your wife’s incident is how I would...
  3. Air conditioning

    I do the same as I tend to prefer a slower fan speed than any of the auto modes give when there is a large temperature difference. I swear that the fan has a mind of its own even in manual mode though, sometimes level one seems to put out way more air than others, I don’t find it consistent.
  4. Pre collision warnings

    I‘ve gotten three pre collision warnings now in about 2500 miles of driving. Twice when it happened there was nothing within 5 car lengths of me, anyone else getting these random warnings?
  5. Rock sliders for Bronco Sport?

    The 4 wheel parts custom build has rock sliders on it, but not available commercially yet.
  6. Headlights

    That’s what I was thinking, thanks for confirming.
  7. Headlights

    Agreed, during the day it does turn off the daytime running light, but I am seeing extra lighting at night to the side I am turning. Maybe I'm imagining it😂
  8. Adding Tow Hitch

    Is there any advantage of running the ford wiring over a curt tail light converter?
  9. Headlights

    I have the auto high-beam headlamps that go on, but I also notice lights turning on when I turn on a flasher. Been meaning to take a look to see what it is doing with the lights on turns.
  10. How is the stock radio in the Outer Banks edition?

    I have a BS badlands with the standard system. The sound is good to me. There is a setting on the settings page that sets up the Staging with the sound quality prioritized for the driver or for all occupants. I have it setup for the driver, it made a big difference, the other setting is a...
  11. All terrain tire size reccomendation

    The traction of the wildpeaks in dirt is fantastic. I‘ve driven through loose trails in Joshua tree and Sedona and the Bronco has been impressive with them. So good on normal mode that I question whether I will ever get to try any goat modes!
  12. Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    After some fun trail riding in sedona.
  13. SoCal Thread

    👍 I am in RSM as well.
  14. Adding Tow Hitch

    Let us know how it went and take pictures if possible. My curt hitch is on its way as well.
  15. How will the Badlands suspension impact on road driving?

    Yep, body roll and understeer. Ride is a little rougher with the wildpeak tires than the stock scorpion ATRs.
  16. Custom Bronco Sport by 4 Wheel Parts Shown at Moab Easter Safari

    I haven’t been able to find them either. I am looking for the rock sliders and maybe the front skid plate.
  17. Custom Bronco Sport by 4 Wheel Parts Shown at Moab Easter Safari

    Do I see rock sliders on this build?
  18. Undercarriage deflector panel took damage off-road

    I was just looking at the deflector panel today and it seems to be the lowest clearance part on the BS. What is the function of the panel, is it protecting anything? Maybe worth removing.
  19. Sedona trails

    You know, I didn’t even think of looking at videos, that’s a great idea. Looking at the videos, it does look like something the badlands should be able to do, but I agree on the spotter and recovery vehicle. Given that I am going alone with the family I will probably take a pass. Maybe...
  20. Sedona trails

    Heading to Sedona for some hiking with the family. Any ohv trails accessible to a BS badlands? I heard of outlaw trail, but not sure if it’s too much for the BS.