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  1. Auto start a little kick in the pants

    Yeah but this way no turning it off every time you start it. It's my wife's whip, she hates the auto start/stop but I don't see her remembering to disable it every start
  2. Extra room under the hood

    Living in Connecticut with the brain dead distracted drivers the loudest air horn I can get my hands on has crossed my mind.
  3. Synthentic Blend to Full Synthetic?

    Since I have only seen one so far that failed I"m still up in the air. I have as well looked at several 2.0 ecotech 2.0's with coolant leaking into combustion chambers but they have since changed block design. Like I tell people who ask "what's a reliable car/SUV" I tell them I can give them...
  4. Synthentic Blend to Full Synthetic?

    No, actually thinking it was a 2020 Escape that already had near 100K. Salesman veh. I'm a mechanical claims adjuster so I see lots of failures that stick in my mind
  5. Synthentic Blend to Full Synthetic?

    I have to dig up my pictures of a failed 1.5 belt that I have from a claim. It wasn't pretty
  6. Does 2.0L engine use cylinder deactivation like the 1.5?

    I drive a 15 Golf TDI about 1000 miles a week, I like it cuz it's got loads of torque. I typically drive 10mph above the speed limit when traffic allows. I"m not saying the 1.5 isn't peppy. We drove on before settling on the badlands. The 2.0 is just much quieter under load, has near 100 ft...
  7. Disable Auto Start Stop?

    I'm sure the starter takes a bit of the abuse, the battery, any electrical module in your car, lights, screens, you name it. Nothing likes constant voltage spikes created by this so ours is bye bye.
  8. Disable Auto Start Stop?

    Got ours the other day and installed it today. If there was an extra 1/8 inch between where you unplug the OBD connector and harness in the kick panel/hood release it would have taken 20 seconds. A little tight so I ended up putting the driver seat all the way back and reclining it fully and...
  9. Does 2.0L engine use cylinder deactivation like the 1.5?

    You have to remember, your Golf TDI has a lot of torque, as does the 2.0, near 100 ft lbs more than the 1.5 and makes in more enjoyable to drive. We drove both a 1.5 and 2.0, the 1.5 reminds me of what we traded in, a mazda cx3 with a underpowered engine that always seemed like it was working...
  10. Auto start a little kick in the pants

    Just got this in the mail tonight. No need to use the starter more than needed.
  11. Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    The only one I've taken so far,,,,sitting in our garage after we brought it home
  12. Paint film, windshield film and Ceramic Coating

    having my wifes new badlands ceramic coated on Thurs. 8th, will pick it up Sat by a reputable detailer. Thinking of trying to do my 15 VW Golf myself, it has 140K and paint is chipped and swirled already so just looking to make it easier to keep clean
  13. Auto Start/Stop Disabled?

    Just ordered and should be in my hands by April 1st. It's my wifes veh and she hates the auto start/stop as well
  14. How are you finding front seat size and comfort?

    Did about 60 miles on Sat. and I was worried at first. I'm about 5'10" and 210, seat width was more than fine but I drive about 1000 miles a week in a 15 VW Golf TDI and my legs and back are used to my legs being straight out and seat kinda far back. I've found as a driver or passenger I've...
  15. Badlands trim missing features not available

    We picked up the wife's bd/bd package last week. IMO I would have liked the de-icer, built in garage remote and memory seats. This is my wife's veh that she fell in love with and the only demand I had was a badlands for it's 2.0 versus the 1.5 and we just hit 200 miles. I was out and about...
  16. Extended Warranty Quote

    Picked up our badlands/bl package with 360 Weds. I have never gotten an extended warranty,,,ironic since I do contract work for most of them but with all the tech on this I opted for Prem care, 8/125, 100 ded. and got it for 2200. I could have gotten same coverage from say CNA, Allstate or...
  17. Ford allowing mannequins to be sold

    We actually bought what was slotted to be a mannequin. Story goes we were going to order a badlands in carbonized gray and the dealer said he had one coming in on a stock order. Once it arrived 7 weeks later he found that it was not to be sold. The dealer owner contacted Ford and explained what...
  18. Hood Latch requires double pull

    BMW has used the double pull hood latch system for a good few years now. I agree, I open the hoods of 10 or more cars a day in my line of work and it's a PITA fishing around for the release under the hood
  19. Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    We looked at the Kodiak brown but in person thought it had way too much metalic in the sun. She considered the cactus gray but it looked too green in certain light. This was totally my wifes choice, I just made sure it was the Badlands since I wanted the 2.0 instead of the 1.5