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  1. fourthgear

    Pre collision warnings

    The wife had one the other day , she was accelerating onto a highway & a truck (SUV ) cut in front of her to get on the same road . The flashing screen & noise & collision warning freaked her out , but thats what its for . She said the Truck (SUV ) was very close , so maybe there are safety...
  2. fourthgear

    Air conditioning

    Our OB has been on auto since day one & no issues , see your dealer , you may have temperature sensor issues . Is your system keeping temp. setting , with duel climate sections , if one is needing cooling , the system will act to satisfy that zone . Contact your dealer to get into service to...
  3. fourthgear

    My Outer Banks has arrived!

    Red looks great , but we traded a red Mustang about the same color & the Wife wanted something different . Enjoy
  4. fourthgear

    L mode

    Its pretty much in 4x4 all the time if needed , using the GOAT modes changes shift points or traction control points . Others here can probably get into more detail or correct me . Sport mode is the most fun so far , Sand worked great for us one the Beach , Normal gets good fuel milage , haven't...
  5. fourthgear

    Order Deadline for 2021?

    It may also be the Computer Chips , like all the other Manufacturers . along with all the other supply issues .
  6. fourthgear

    L mode

    Yes it does make sense , I guess if you want to stay in second gear , you would select low to keep it there when it shifts to it . 4X4 Low is used for hills or what ever you want to creep slow with . My F250 SD has manual for shifting into any gear I want , I use 2 nd for the Beach sometimes ...
  7. fourthgear

    L mode

    I can tell you , at least when I put it in low at almost a stand still ,on the Beach, it never came out of low when I hit paved road , it was screaming at around 40 mph , it's what alerted me that it was still in low , whatever . Never activated it while driving at highway speeds , was afraid to .;)
  8. fourthgear

    Synthentic Blend to Full Synthetic?

    I too have done a Bunch of research since this thread came up & I still will be using Full Synthetic on oil changes & will be using Mobil 1 for its better temperature resistance & additive package . I normally use Valvoline , but will switch for the BS & since I don't see my wife driven much...
  9. fourthgear

    L mode

    I use it in conjunction with Sand Mode on the Beach , worked great our speed limit on the beach is 15 MPH , just don't forget to release it when you get back on the paved roads , don't ask me how I know this :facepalm: .
  10. fourthgear

    Synthentic Blend to Full Synthetic?

    A 2020 Escape with close to 100K , did you see the maintenance records , thats a lot of miles in a year . Sounds like it was abused . You only saw one & it was a very short time high milage motor , sounds like it did good to get that far . I don't think we should compare 2008-9 to 2021...
  11. fourthgear


    Where did you get that version ?
  12. fourthgear

    Synthentic Blend to Full Synthetic?

    Was it from your BS ?
  13. fourthgear

    Bronco Sport Exceeds My Expectations

    I got to drive ours home from the dealership 2 1/2 hours back at night , in a truck I never drove before , I was very impressed with the ability to stay in 80 mph traffic on the highway most all the back, as you said she is nimble . Its my wife's main ride & she just loves it , needless to say...
  14. fourthgear

    Is Outer Banks beachworthy?

    I agree with her . When I need new tires I will change them out with something more aggressive , but to me they work fine for what we use the BS for & my testing in Sand on the Beach was not an issue .
  15. fourthgear

    Is Outer Banks beachworthy?

    My BS OB worked fine in soft loose sand on the Beach , Sand Mode , low , with Michelin AS tires.
  16. fourthgear

    Synthentic Blend to Full Synthetic?

    I would like to assume FORD thought of oil on the Belt & designed the Belt for it . I don't think full or Blend would make much of a difference .
  17. fourthgear

    Synthentic Blend to Full Synthetic?

    I change oil/Filter ( full Syn. )every year no matter how many miles on the engine or where it has been driven & my last trade in for my F250 SD was a 14 year old F150 with 160 K on it & it ran like brand new when traded in . The 2011 Mustang we traded on the BS also ran like brand new & looked...
  18. fourthgear

    Off Roading in sand

    I drove the BS OB in loose sand the first week or so after purchase , I was bottoming out most of the time & at the time it had 41# air pressure from the factory in the Michelin A/S tires ( now at 33# ) & had no issues in the 4x4 only beach area . I was in Sand Mode , low . I haven't been there...
  19. fourthgear

    Bronco Sport Outer Banks area 51

    No lift or spacers for the Tire change ?
  20. fourthgear


    Had a woman videoing us with her phone leaving the parking space/lot yesterday at Whole Foods , she took stills walking around the BS trying to keep her distance , that was funny . Pulling into the Parking lot , some guy blocked traffic looking at the BS , he sure gave it a look over . I got...