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  1. GAWR TAG - Badlands Sport

    Thank you !
  2. GAWR TAG - Badlands Sport

    Hi could sombody take a photo of the GWAR tag On a Badlands I took a photo at dealer and missed the important stuff Thanks
  3. Anyone install Body Side Moulding?

    Love the fender flair look! What wheels did toy get? Are they splash guards or mud flaps? Thanks
  4. Bronco Sport White Top Option

    I think the gray roof is a nice option , one more thing to make the BS look unique. I’m not a black on black type , it’s so boring .....
  5. Front splash guards & fender flairs

    Hi do the fender flairs fit over the standard black plastic small fender edges? In the accessories web site it says the FFlairs are attached with the adhesive tape , somebody said clips . Which is it? I have them ordered with the crazy expensive ‘mudguards’. Anybody else have the mudguards...
  6. Comprehensive Testing of First Edition's Off-Roading Abilities -- by Driving Sports TV

    Hi, did anybody else pick up on his comment on ‘Haas’ steering knuckles and other upgrades as a possible option ? Or is that somthing that comes with the extra off-road badlands suspension?
  7. Anyone install Body Side Moulding?

    Looks good ! I did the same on a Chevy small van I bought in 2015, it was a rebadged Nissian! But Chevy did not offer the side molding , or mud guards or even the rubber floor mats so I bought from Nissian! I’m surprised you had goo in a caulk tube , usually there is a primer to put on the...
  8. Towing Capacity..... What's your Minimum.? 2000 LBS? 3000 LBS? More?

    With the factory tow package comes a full size spare and slightly raised floor . It also has some sort of electronic anti-sway technology . My early March order has a build date so not sure what’s changed with parts supply, there is a lot of supply issues not just vehicles .
  9. Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    hi so how do i get to see the actual stats you teased us with in this post? Oh when i look at my post i can see the stats but its way out of date now nothing for feb or march 2021 post on frist page would not open up
  10. Comprehensive Testing of First Edition's Off-Roading Abilities -- by Driving Sports TV

    we enjoyed his review and has not changed my decision to order a BL, but im sticking with the road tires as that's where it will get used....
  11. Towing Capacity..... What's your Minimum.? 2000 LBS? 3000 LBS? More?

    I dont think the back axel is the low tow wt issue of the BL as if it was the others have the regular back axel like Escape , maybe, and the only slighlty shorter wheel base should not be an issue unless if that puts in in the compact SUV class , for lower insurance and other ratings does that...
  12. Why Sport vs Base model full-size Bronco?

    hi i just got my build date and i ordered about the same as you and dealer say i should have by end of june so maybe in time for 4 july vacation time?
  13. Why Sport vs Base model full-size Bronco?

    hi nothing wrg with getting something you like of the lot its just not my first choice but i try to never be in the position of needing to buy immediately! glad you like it , i just got a build date!
  14. Why Sport vs Base model full-size Bronco?

    hi, how do you like you BL cyber orange? I ordered same 2 weeks ago , did you get the matching 'orange trim interior'? I'm probably looking at July for mine...
  15. Why Sport vs Base model full-size Bronco?

    The Bronco is currently unobtainium. The bronco sport is in short supply but you might be in one this summer if you ordered this year. ( buying off the lot is never going to happen I have never bought a vehicle like that ever). The sport has most everything I want. Good looks and different from...
  16. Bronco Sport Badlands vs Cherokee Trailhawk Size comparison

    Thanks for the talk thru the differences. Nothing you said would make me want the jeep. It's just looks like any other vehicle on the road. If I'm going to spend almost $40k it had better look good and special!
  17. Factory fender flare accessory self install?

    Hi I ordered the wheel flares , they are DIO ( dealer installed option) it’s on the dealer only order screen , there are 2 types 1&2, The type 1 is made to use as is black no paint, the type 2 is paintable . They are installed with just a primer and 3M VHB double stitch tape . Installed...
  18. Towing Capacity..... What's your Minimum.? 2000 LBS? 3000 LBS? More?

    Did not know about the shorten wheel base , thanks
  19. Waiting room

    I guess I'll join the waiting group. I ordered my Badland CG with matching interior. Probably a long wait (July.) but that's ok got a nice '96 Miata and old Camery to sell yet to make space.
  20. Any Cyber Orange Bronco Sport deliveries yet?

    There is another thread on the color , showing other cars wiryhthe same cyber orange , it's defiantly more orange than yellow in real life. I just took the ford official color chip out in the sun and it's very orange with yellow metalflake . Cool enough that I just order one! The rendearing...