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  1. WHERE did you go with your Bronco Sport today?

    Drove it around the property yesterday with 10 inches of snow to test modes. Didn't break a sweat at 10". Mud/Ruts seemed best overall. Slippery did allow for a little slip but not much. Used Rock/Crawl briefly but it seemed overkill. Sand mode seemed solid too. Even plain regular mode was just...
  2. New Bronco Sport "Torture Test" TFL Off-Road Review

    They found out what we already know! The Badlands/First Edition Bronco Sport is a legitimate off-road machine! Easy peasy with everything they threw at it!!
  3. Bronco Sport Exceeds My Expectations

    Congrats! I'm nearly at 4K on my Badlands and I love it more with each passing adventure!
  4. Got My Bronco Sport BL/BL

    Enjoy! You're going to love it!!
  5. Whats your BS's name and why

    Nothing yet (we'll see if it earns one down the road) I've only named two vehicles ever: 68 Bronco is Sherpa because it can climb anything. My Raptor was Thunder Beast because of the 6.2L and aftermarket exhaust. BL BS Hmmm.
  6. Bronco Sport: The Good, The Bad & Ugly

    Yep, Ford put together one heck of a vehicle! I've had mine for 2 1/2 months and 3300 flawless miles. It handles the off-road terrain amazingly well and I've been in quite a few snowstorms and slick roads that it handles rock solid without any slipping. I also have a full size Bronco on order...
  7. Shorter Antenna

    Used that one on my Raptor for 7 years! Loved it!!
  8. Post Your Bronco Sport - Off-Roading Videos

    One of the best off-roading videos yet. Starting at 11:15 and finishing with a great snow climb!
  9. Front splash guards & fender flairs

    No. Don't need 'em as it works perfect as is!
  10. Front splash guards & fender flairs

    Have had zero issues off-roading with front and rear splash guards. Almost 3k miles.
  11. *Almost*Left me stranded with only 206 miles on it

    Probably be the only problem you will have in 100,000+ miles!
  12. So what would you change?

    Just cooled (ventilated) seats!
  13. Big Bronco Off Road

    I don't believe I've seen any speed limitations on the G.O.A.T modes. I believe I saw that that section was for sand mode but you could probably just as easy use mud/ruts or even just normal mode. It's more how well the Sport soaks up varying terrain at speed. It does really well!
  14. Big Bronco Off Road

    You'll be surprised how comfortable it can be. Coming from the Raptor world 65 mph was boring, 70, 80 or more was really nothing and even 100 wasn't that big a deal. It all depends on the vehicle. It's obvious the (big) Bronco has the suspension to make 60-70 mph comfortable but even the Sport's...
  15. Post Your Bronco Sport - Off-Roading Videos

    A little dune running
  16. Post Your Bronco Sport - Off-Roading Videos

    A little rock crawling at Arches NP (added to first post)
  17. Big Bronco Off Road

    Our Sports can fly through the sand too :)
  18. Extended Warranty Quote

    It starts costing more as time and mileage goes by. Try some different time, mileage comparisons vs new.
  19. Extended Warranty Quote

    My dealer uses CNA.