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  1. magicbus

    Visibility Report Example

    Your dealer can pull you a copy. It won’t show anything until you are scheduled for a certain week. Then when it is actually being built you can track it through the build process onto a train car and then watch it moving towards you as the train car is tracked by the carrier. Then it will sit...
  2. magicbus

    Waiting room

    One other factor to consider is destination. I have no doubt mine was built with a train car load of others that were headed to New England. After 9 months I’m just lucky that car load made it to New England. Now it just needs to get on a truck.
  3. magicbus

    Scary Lane-Keeping Issues

    On our Explorer it is much more generous. It takes about 10 seconds for it to tell you to put your hands on the wheel, and even then I just need to touch the bottom of the wheel.
  4. magicbus

    Waiting room

    3. Engineering department trying to turn chocolate chips into computer chips.
  5. magicbus

    $500 is accessory cash, anyone know about it?

    Just yesterday after negotiating my trade the dealer stuck in an unexpected $500 rebate not tied to financing on my BL + BL. It showed up when they sent me the final deal paperwork. Can't complain about that!
  6. magicbus

    Waiting room

    I met with my dealer today to work out my trade and the pricing. I asked for a Visibility Report and they emailed it to me. It showed where by car had been at least twice a day while on the rail system. The really good news is it hit the end of the line here in Massachusetts this morning at...
  7. magicbus

    Any Complaints so far?

    What model? Isn’t the 1.5 paired with a 6-speed and the 2.0 an 8-speed? on edit I see the 1.5 had an 8-speed too!
  8. magicbus

    Any Complaints so far?

    Sounds like a touch of nail polish would probably help.
  9. magicbus

    A sport takes some damage...

    I’m hoping my BL skip plates hold up to the challenge!
  10. magicbus

    Air Compressor

    Wow. Thanks for that test!
  11. magicbus

    Air Compressor

    IMHO you can’t air-up 4 tires from 18 to 33 lbs within a reasonable amount of time with any compressor you can run off 12vdc or 120vac via an inverter. I don’t bother airing up until November, but I don’t need to drive on a highway to get home (or anywhere else :sunglasses:). We also have free...
  12. magicbus

    I hate the white letters!

    I think the manufacturer (who to their credit has been really upfront with their product) posted that their red is the super bright red you see on calipers.
  13. magicbus

    Waiting room

    Are you sure that wasn’t your salesman taking it for s test drive! :sunglasses:
  14. magicbus

    Is Outer Banks beachworthy?

    It’s all about the air pressure. Soft sand needs 18# max pressure and a gentle accelerator foot. Then no problem, Sand mode assumed of course.
  15. magicbus

    I hate the white letters!

    They do look sharp with a white pant job. Wish I could use them on my Rapid Red but I don’t want white outlines.
  16. magicbus

    Did a mountain trail

    It must be hard to dirty the tires for the first time. :clap:
  17. magicbus

    60% of Bronco Sport owners coming from different brands. Are you?

    2014 Wrangler Sport. My 4th Wrangler over the years including one with the death wobble that almost swore me off them. Time for something as capable but with a nicer ride and amenities.
  18. magicbus

    Waiting room

    I cruised my dealers lot today just to make sure mine hadn’t shown up. Ford says it’s shipped but doesn’t know about it. I was thinking maybe they shipped it FedEx. :crackup:
  19. magicbus

    Off Roading in sand

    Thanks for the report! :like: Just yesterday my wife said “So are you going to take the Bronco on the beach or are we keeping the Wrangler”. I told her we were indeed taking the BS on the beach and losing the Wrangler. I was hoping for some reports such as this as a confidence builder...
  20. magicbus

    Waiting room

    Ford told me mine was built and then shipped, but my Window Sticker date hasn't changed since it was scheduled.