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  1. dano0726

    Adding Tow Hitch

    How far does the Curt hitch stick out past the bumper cover?
  2. dano0726

    Bronco Sport Exceeds My Expectations

    I believe the Toyota Tacoma production/assembly is being moved from San Antonio down to Mexico (Texas doesn't have an individual income tax, but does have a corporate franchise/margins tax + an ever increasing statewide property tax...)
  3. dano0726

    Florida 235/65 R17 Falken Wildpeak Take-Offs

    Curious what you replaced them with -- these are the best rain tire I've ever had (on my Jeep Wrangler, here in Houston...)
  4. dano0726

    Bronco Sport Exceeds My Expectations

    I agree -- finally got to drive Wifey's new Badlands (picked up Wednesday night) at highway speeds and I was very impressed with the road manners, turning circumference, lane tracking, etc... And the torque felt terrific, as well...
  5. dano0726

    RUGGED! 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Review by The Straight Pipes

    Drove Wifey's new Badlands -- handles really well (at highway speed) and the torque is very noticeable...
  6. dano0726

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    After a couple of days (watching Wifey drive her new Badlands) I am really diggin' her color Cactus Gray color choice -- this coming from a moderately color-blind guy, but the color/tint seems to change, depending on sunlight, angle, etc...
  7. dano0726

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Just got it yesterday evening...
  8. dano0726

    Incentives End Today - 3/31

    Took delivery yesterday, and Ford Dealer knocked off 15 basis points (down to 0.75% for 60 months...) Still got the $500 "rebate"...and I bartered my $100 reservation fee for a set of mud flaps
  9. dano0726

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Wifey is extremely joyful -- picked up the Cactus Gray Badlands yesterday!!!
  10. dano0726

    Dealer mark up price

    Badlands finally arrived and, so far, no dealer markup (working everything over phone/email)...
  11. dano0726

    Dealer mark up price

    Wifey/I walk away if my dealer tries to add even a $buck to our reserved Badlands...currently on Day 216 from order date = Ford has 14 days to have the Badlands sitting in my driveway...
  12. dano0726

    White Badlands (demo model) at Autonation Ford in Katy

    Saw it over the weekend -- the wheels/tires make a 10,000% difference!!!
  13. dano0726

    UHAUL lists two receiver options

    I noticed, over the weekend, that a Badlands (on the dealer's lot) had a "cutout" on the rear bumper for the receiver and the wire harness -- different than those without the trailer tow package...
  14. dano0726

    From "In Production" to "Built"

    Are you certain these times are correct? I've had my window sticker and still haven't received any notice from Ford... Well -- other than the 3rd Delay from them; fingers crossed I won't get a 4th Delay.
  15. dano0726

    Premium fuel?

    tRex -- which catch can do you suggest for the 2.0L Badlands?
  16. dano0726

    Current Residual/Money Factors?

    What variables were you using? Assuming MSRP for a sales price with 3-year lease term, .00125 money factor (3% APR) and 56% residual still produces a monthly lease rental just under $500 here in Texas...
  17. dano0726

    Production delays??

    I’ve had a VIN for weeks and workin on my 4th build delay...
  18. dano0726

    Production delays??

    Ordered Aug 13th — been delayed again until early April
  19. dano0726

    Build to Deliver - Timeframe

    Here in Houston -- reserved in July, ordered in August and I'm currently on my 3rd Delay (now scheduled for March, but my bet is a 4th Delay into April)... Badlands with gray contrasting roof -- no moon/sun roof nor trailer hitch... Wifey/I decided if our Cactus Gray Badlands isn't in the...
  20. dano0726

    Have you driven with the rear glass open?

    I had, early on, driven my Jeep Wrangler with the rear glass (on the hard top) open for longer items... But ask me how I found out the most expensive thing on a Jeep Hard Top is the cost to replace that rear glass -- Wifey is no longer allowed to close Jeep's back glass nor side opening rear...