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  1. Waiting room

    My updated title is FINALLY coming today. Because of my salesman's schedule, I'll be picking up my BS on Monday. And yes...I'm taking off from work that day. I'm see myself coming down with a bad case of Broncitis! In the meantime, I'm gonna look around to make sure I don't leave anything...
  2. Waiting room

    KAnoe...although I have yet to pick up my BS, it has officially been delivered to my dealer and I confirmed that they have it on the lot. Here are my final dates per the Ford tracking website: 1/05/21 - Order Confirmed 3/23/21 - In Production 3/24/21 - Built 3/25/21 - Shipped 4/12/21 -...
  3. Yakima Timberline Cross Bars

    Does anyone happen to know the length of the Yakima crossbars offered on the Ford accessories website (link)? I know there are multiple sizes offered on Yakima's website. But, the Ford accessories website doesn't list the link anywhere.
  4. Factory (Yakima) Crossbar installed

    Part of me is glad I'm having my dealer install my Yakima crossbars before I pick up my BS (hopefully later this week). All I will know is the wind noise with the crossbars installed. Ignorance is bliss...
  5. Waiting room

    If this helps, I'll share my train route. I used Union Pacific to track my railcar from Arizona to Illinois. Afterwards, I had to switch to CSX to track my railcar from Illinois to Michigan.
  6. Possible to get 0% financing?

    I got pre-approved on 4/1 for 0.9%/60 months. My salesman was cool with me securing financing before my BS was delivered.
  7. Waiting room

    I can't argue with you there. Blue has always been my favorite color and Alto Blue is a nice shade of blue. I can't wait to see my "steelies" with it!
  8. Waiting room

    Woah. Why do we have the same color?!?!? Now, I'm even more amped! If you have the Badlands package, we literally have the same truck!
  9. Waiting room

    Congratulations! I'm still waiting for a pic, too. My BL+BL is currently stashed in their storage lot since it's already spoken for. That'll keep onlookers from breathing all over my new ride! 🤣
  10. Waiting room

    That's why I've been kicking myself all week long. I was told 7-10 business days and that was last Wednesday. Hopefully, I'll get it in the mail this week.
  11. Waiting room

    Good salesman has possession of my BS, is coordinating the installation of my Yakima crossbars and window deflectors, and told me I could come pick it up today if I wanted. My awning and bike rack will stay in the box until I'm ready install them. Bad dumb*ss never...
  12. Whats your BS's name and why

    I wasn't going to name my yet-to-be delivered BL+BL. But today, I got confirmation that my BS was delivered to my dealership. Now, I'm all hyped and sh*t...🤣 So, since Alto Blue is my chosen color, I'm naming my Bronco Sport "Miles" after Miles Davis and in honor of my favorite jazz album...
  13. Waiting room

    I see your front plate holder/hood deflector and raise you Yakima crossbars, a Yakima awning, side window deflectors, and an interior bike rack. :crackup:
  14. Waiting room

    Last one to get the "come and get it" call is a rotten egg!
  15. Waiting room

    Yeah...they're loading the truck. Here's another tip. When you're in Palsapp and searching via VIN, write down the trip number. Afterwards, do another search by trip number. You will see every VIN that's loaded on the truck carrying your BS.
  16. Waiting room

    Palsapp just updated to say that my VIN is delivered. Now, I just need to wait for my salesman to figure that out. But yeah, down payment has been stacked for weeks and my financing (0.9% for 60 months) has already been approved.
  17. Waiting room

    I just checked Palsapp again and my status switched from Pending to Dispatched on Apr 12 2021. Won't be long now!!!
  18. Waiting room

    My salesman ran a VVR for me this morning. The only update is has is that it arrived via railcar to Wayne, MI on 4/9. I might find out before he does that my BS made it to the lot...LOL.
  19. Waiting room

    Looks like our Bronco Sports were roommates after all! My BS is headed to Avis Ford in Southfield. I checked CSX one last time and my railcar number is now headed the opposite way. It checked in at Walbridge, OH early this morning. I guess there's no need for me to check that again...