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  1. Cargo Management System alternatives?

    I'll like the shelf, plan on keeping it deployed all the time. Makes the opening rear window more usable. If it rattles I'll use some self stick felt. I carry "stuff" in the winter that will be kept neatly out of sight.
  2. 2022 wishes now that '21 ordering is done...

    sunroof delete 2.3L engine option I'm good
  3. Thoughts on sun strip?

    Good choice
  4. Warped dash speaker grill

    You'd probably be shocked at how many uses there are for a rubber hammer in an assembly plant.
  5. Warped dash speaker grill

    not overly impressed with your dealer lol
  6. Rear drive unit failure on Badlands

    Yep and the Bandlands is the only one that has cooling on the center unit.
  7. Is the Bronco Sport a 4x4?

    Yep, try getting one of those off a three wheel slip test, or even a two wheel diagonal slip test. It's probably possible with enough throttle but it would be ugly. Truth is those are two wheel drive, one in front and one in back. Ive had five of those including my Raptor when over 20mph, when...
  8. Rear drive unit failure on Badlands

    As I understand it, it's not the rear that's over heating under hard use but the center unit that transfers power to the rear. Otherwise it would be Badlands specific. Other brands have the same issue, google it, so it's not even a Bronco only problem.
  9. Is the Bronco Sport a 4x4?

    I keep looking for the dif lock buttons on my 1946 Jeep.
  10. Rear drive unit failure on Badlands

    wow, I'd assumed it was a fairly sorted out piece having been in a high HP application. I've not heard of any others.
  11. Car washes with Yakima Timberline Cross Bars?

    be sure to video your experience :clap:
  12. Arm rests too low

    no no no, your seat is too high. :cool:
  13. Ordering update: last day to order 2021 Badlands is 4/15

    That's where I'm at. Decided to hold fire for a 22 and have been looking for info on any differences. So far, crickets. Model change is often in July.
  14. New Bronco Sport "Torture Test" TFL Off-Road Review

    Yep, but it doesn't erase ugly and the CVT.
  15. A sport takes some damage...

    I'm with ya, the Sport has a glass jaw I'm afraid. Been thinking that way (skid plate/ bumper) for a few months. A little less speed might have helped in this case.
  16. Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes his Badlands Sport to Hell's Revenge @ Moab

    I never bought in on the level lift fixation. If I lift it will be for ground clearance exclusively and won't "short" myself at the rear when loaded or towing. An inch of body lift and a half inch of tire lift would do me fine and should be everyday drive-able with minimal bad habits. There's...
  17. Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes his Badlands Sport to Hell's Revenge @ Moab

    1 1/2" lift and aftermarket tires
  18. Monumental amount of consumer satisfaction with a carbonized gray badlands

    Great looking ride with those wheels, enjoy!!! Love the carbonized grey, looks classy, but don't like the white letters on the BL. That forced me into wanting to order the white so they don't show so much. But too darned many white cars and trucks out there for my taste. What the heck, I'll go...
  19. Bronco Sport Exceeds My Expectations

    It's helping to support this retired autoworker and stock owner.
  20. New Bronco Sport "Torture Test" TFL Off-Road Review

    As bad as that all is for BS owners, imagine how hard it is to swallow for all those other car owners. All this time they're saying it's nothing more than a dressed up Escape, now it's choke-choke sob.