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  1. AltarBoy

    Vinyl letters overlay for the Front or back

    I’d love this in matching carbonized grey like my roof is
  2. AltarBoy

    Anyone else ordered a sport here in new jersey?

    Cyber orange BL+BL but I’m just over the borders in NY
  3. AltarBoy

    Interior Accent Color on BL + BL

    Satin copper to me
  4. AltarBoy

    Extra room under the hood

    I was thinking a tank for an air compressor
  5. AltarBoy

    Waiting room

    Still no vin issued 😥
  6. AltarBoy

    Long McArthur Ford LMX4 Bronco Sport

    Did he say it has a 1.5l 4cyl engine🤔😂😂😂
  7. AltarBoy

    Spacers can’t find

    Both vehicles are 5x108
  8. AltarBoy

    Spacers can’t find

    Took 2 seconds
  9. AltarBoy

    Waiting room

    Same but no tow package
  10. AltarBoy

    Waiting room

    It’s been almost 1 month since placing my order in person
  11. AltarBoy

    Waiting room

    How long does it usually take after order to get a vin issued?
  12. AltarBoy

    Custom Bronco Sport by 4 Wheel Parts Shown at Moab Easter Safari

    I hope that tire mount can compensate for the backup camera
  13. AltarBoy

    Carlito's Badlands in Cyber Orange with new 245/70/17 DURATRAC Kicks!

    I love it. Making me very anxious to get my cyber orange badlands in. Already have a long list of mods for it 😂
  14. AltarBoy

    BS Badlands more capable than the Base Bronco?

    Your not getting a base bronco for the comfort and amenities. That thing is designed for off-road enthusiasts
  15. AltarBoy

    Bronco Sport 2.0L gets ECU flash tune by Vivid Racing ["VR Tuned ECU Flash"]

    The 4cyl makes less than 200hp factory? Those baseline numbers look more like the 3cyl
  16. AltarBoy

    Spider No Drill Roof Rack

    Just realized. Did he say will it work with the sunroof option?
  17. AltarBoy

    Spider No Drill Roof Rack

    I’m also very interested
  18. AltarBoy

    Shout-out to Mexico for pushing the BS harder than anyone.

    Would be nice to know what they are saying
  19. AltarBoy

    Waiting room

    Guess I’ll hang out here waiting for BL+BL cyber orange to be built
  20. AltarBoy

    Bronco Sport Overheating when Offroad?

    If it becomes a consistent problem then I’ll get a diff cooler otherwise I should be just fine