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  1. 69cuda340s

    Here she is !!! Bronco sport badlands

    Tell us more about it. I see it has Badlands Package and Tow Package. Any other options? Did you special order or buy off the lot? How does the 2.0 feel when you step on the gas?
  2. 69cuda340s

    Here she is !!! Bronco sport badlands

    Looks great! I am waiting on an Oxford White one.....
  3. 69cuda340s

    Oil Separator for Ecoboost

    I run a UPR dual oil catch can on my '16 F150 3.5 Ecoboost. Put it on soon after I bought it new. It catches a lot of nasty milky gas smelling white/brown gunk especially in the winter time. Without the catch can that gunk would go through the turbo piping, intercooler, and intake manifold...
  4. 69cuda340s

    My Outer Banks has arrived!

    Beautiful, Congratulations!
  5. 69cuda340s

    Waiting room

    Maybe if mine gets pushed some more it will become a '22?
  6. 69cuda340s

    Waiting room

    We got out '16 F150 Platinum early 2016 and no other ones around in the area. My wife would come out from stores with ppl parked next to the truck or standing by the truck and they would want to ask questions compliment ect. Its not the best experience having the new model and ppl you don't...
  7. 69cuda340s

    Waiting room

    So I am the only one to get pushed to June 21? Ok....
  8. 69cuda340s

    Bronco Sport Badlands closeup photos inside and out

    I was not sure what "Front and Rear Velour with Logo" was? Doesn't say floor mats? And "Velour" not "Carpet"? Then for the optional mats it said "Floor Liners – Front and Rear (with Carpet Mats)" wasn't sure what "with Carpet Mats" meant? Aren't the other mats "Velour"? Yes no? Read all...
  9. 69cuda340s

    Waiting room

    I just got email informing of first production date push back. Was scheduled week of May 24, now week of June 21. Badlands w/Badlands package, CMS, tow, AT tires, Copilot 360 Assist+, splash guards, rear mat. Won't be surprised if it gets pushed again..... I got the "track my order" button...
  10. 69cuda340s

    Ordering update: last day to order 2021 Badlands is 4/15

    See post 36 over in the thread link below: And can you imagine the wait for those parts? Probably back ordered forever.
  11. 69cuda340s

    A sport takes some damage...

    Six weeks waiting for parts....ouch....hopefully it comes back good as new.....
  12. 69cuda340s

    Dreaded touch up paint

    I ordered some touch up paint from same place for my '88 Mustang. Quick delivery and perfect match for the original paint that is on the car.
  13. 69cuda340s

    Ordering update: last day to order 2021 Badlands is 4/15

    I don't think it would be too labor intensive to change interior trim panels. But someone on another thread in this forum said to buy the panels and related parts to convert to CMS was around $2,000. So it is pretty much cost prohibitive to convert a vehicle to CMS.
  14. 69cuda340s

    Ordering update: last day to order 2021 Badlands is 4/15

    Cargo Management System (CMS) is not something you can easily add later because the rear interior panels are different. In order to add it you would need to swap out the rear interior side panels because they have a built in ledge where the shelve/table rests. Non-CMS BS have completely...
  15. 69cuda340s

    Scheduled for production - VIN not recieved.

    I sent an email to my dealer this morning and asked for my VIN and Order Number. Dealer emailed back with the info. Then I could see mine on I got an automated email April 1 that said mine was scheduled week of May 24 but on the tracker web site it...
  16. 69cuda340s

    Rear drive unit failure on Badlands

    Sorry to hear. Hopefully dealer can get the part in and get it back to you soon.
  17. 69cuda340s

    Any Complaints so far?

    Several posts in this forum about paint chipping easily and chipping to bare metal. Sounds like body was not prepped and primer correctly at factory. And people saying dealers don't want to fix. Very concerning because you really have to sand all the paint off and start over to fix something...
  18. 69cuda340s

    Ordering update: last day to order 2021 Badlands is 4/15

    If they don't honor the price they quoted me they can have the next dozen of ppl in line bid it up I will pass.
  19. 69cuda340s

    Ordering update: last day to order 2021 Badlands is 4/15

    So if dealer "accidently" sells mine to someone else after its delivered I am pretty much screwed?
  20. 69cuda340s

    Order Update

    I ordered March 16 receive confirm email that day. On April 2 I got email saying production scheduled week of May 24.