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  1. playdohpy

    Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes his Badlands Sport to Hell's Revenge @ Moab

    Love how genuinely enthusiastic Vaughn and Eric are about the BS and pushing capability outside of what everyone is expecting out of it. I think the challenge of pushing something less capable through more difficult terrain is more fun than just taking the most capable, tricked out off roader to...
  2. playdohpy

    Waiting room

    SAME! I have the exact same just in carbonized gray and I haven't gotten an email or order confirmation email... Placed order at the dealer on 2/20 as part of their inventory. BL+BL in carbonized gray, with tow, CMS, 360+, cargo mat, floor mats and cargo organizer.
  3. playdohpy

    New Bronco Sport "Torture Test" TFL Off-Road Review

    Every time I see a youtube comment "bUt iT's nOt a rEaL bRoNcO", I want to say ok and?? what point are you trying to make and why does that matter to you if you don't even own one? lol
  4. playdohpy

    Factory (Yakima) Crossbar installed

    Great pics and video! I initially thought they were super high because of the moon roof but it looks like they could've made them a little shorter to clear it. The bronco nation 4WP build though had rooftop tent and awning direct mount options without the need for crossbars so I wonder if we're...
  5. playdohpy

    Nice comprehensive long form BS+FE Review with some offroading

    2 additional easter eggs I haven't seen before too!
  6. playdohpy

    Custom Bronco Sport by 4 Wheel Parts Shown at Moab Easter Safari

    I was planning on getting the dirtcom trail swing:
  7. playdohpy

    Bronco Sport Badlands vs Cherokee Trailhawk

    I feel like if they gave the BS a better chance on the ruts with more momentum it would've made it through fine, or at least giving it more than one chance like they did with the JC on the hill climb. Also the JC appeared to go later than the BS after the ice/snow got more slushy.
  8. playdohpy

    Got My Bronco Sport BL/BL

    How'd you get them to assign it as highest priority? Please enlighten us peasants!
  9. playdohpy

    First step after placing an order

    I placed my order on 2/20 as part of dealer inventory, still nothing but a paper packet of what I selected. Emailed them a few weeks ago, they stated that the order was in and that Ford would be sending an email. Still waiting...
  10. playdohpy

    Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Looks awesome!! I was thinking of the same down the road with maybe getting decals like the first edition put on. I think first thing on my list is probably a leveling lift to get it a little higher, then plastidipping the front and rear bronco letters.
  11. playdohpy

    Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    It's what I ordered for my build primarily because I really like that contrast with that orange Badlands badge. I think once I finally get it I want to match that orange and paint the tow hooks orange too!
  12. playdohpy

    Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Little quiet in here... needs more carbonized gray
  13. playdohpy

    Bronco Sport Outdoor Rig Build by REI - Video Series

    Maybe I meant the 10% back on 2020 purchases for being a member, not a dividend haha
  14. playdohpy

    REI Bronco Sport Ep 2 -- Prepping Our Gravel Bikes and Beginning the Ride

    More focus on the biking aspect with the set up, but still some decent Bronco Sport B-roll footage.
  15. playdohpy

    Comprehensive Testing of First Edition's Off-Roading Abilities -- by Driving Sports TV

    Very comprehensive testing of off-road capability on the First Edition by Driving Sports TV.
  16. playdohpy

    My biggest complaint about the Bronco Sport in the moonroof

    Haha, all the cars that I've driven do which is why I was surprised.
  17. playdohpy

    So what would you change?

    That was such a tough decision on that BL package with the moonroof on whether to get the package or not. I wanted the leather seats, B&O upgrade, but the way the moonroof operates peeking above the rails when open and also lowering the roof weight capacity is a big deal. I don't want to be...
  18. playdohpy

    My biggest complaint about the Bronco Sport in the moonroof

    Thanks for this! It all makes sense now! I don't know why I was thinking the moonroof slid into the roof like you usually see in other vehicles, but it's because of that step up roof line!
  19. playdohpy

    My biggest complaint about the Bronco Sport in the moonroof

    Does anyone have pics with the moonroof open in relation to the roof rails? This thread someone had an OB+OB and a 114lbs rooftop tent that didn't have any issues: Then this is a huge thread about real world roof...