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  1. Buyer Beware of 4X4

    Could have been handled better on their end. The letters look turquoise to me on my color calibrated monitor lol.
  2. 4 Wheel Parts 4WP Level Kit installed

    I suspect you’re correct. I’m sure with time they will update once they verify nothing has changed.
  3. Window Tinting - do you need to remove the factory tint first?

    No way someone has tint on the outside. Pics or it didn’t happen lol
  4. 4 Wheel Parts 4WP Level Kit installed

    Thanks! Got an alignment done and couldn’t be happier with the overall ride and look!
  5. 4 Wheel Parts 4WP Level Kit installed

    I installed the 4 Wheel Parts kit that I got on sale for $199 during cyber Monday to my OB. I really wanted to wait for the Eibach springs but they still don’t have an ETA for non badlands models. This kit is listed as a 1” Front and .75” rear which for me is perfect as I didn’t want to mess...
  6. We love our BS.... but name one thing you dislike about it

    Engine Shakes more than my 1995 4 cylinder Corolla.
  7. Lift kit cv joint angle

    Keep in mind that with a spacer kit, not only will the CV angles be higher when the vehicle is sitting still, but it will also affect the angles when the suspension compresses or unloads and droops. Lift springs generally do not have this issue as the angles when the suspension unloads and...
  8. Lost in a sea of cross bars and roof racks.

    I did Harbor Frieght bars and basket. Wish the bars were black but so far no issues.
  9. Spacer Lift vs Spring Lift

    I'll be doing eibach springs when ever they become available. Not super comfortable with a spacer kit adding extra droop. This might be the reason most spacer lifts have extra hardware in the rear.