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  1. Heritage and Heritage Limited Thread

    @IdahoDirtFarmer just for you!!! Here is the link to the video my dealer did on our Heritage Edition. 😍
  2. All-Weather Floor Mats Question And Possible Flooring Issue

    Okay… I’m going to be buying the all weather mats/floor liners (whatever you want to call them). Are there two different versions/part numbers? I’m assuming my ‘23 also doesn’t have the passenger side snaps, but haven’t seen it in person yet to verify. I was going to purchase using my Ford pass...
  3. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Tint for $100 is dirt cheap for the front two windows…assuming it’s a good quality tint, comes with a warranty, etc. I had my dealer do my front windows too. They charged $150 for Xpel. Totally worth it. Saves me the hassle of having to get them done once I bring it home.
  4. Official ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Sport Thread

    I thought so too. I’ll be sure to share the link. I totally understand the Maverick allocation issue. I actually have a couple on order; a hybrid and an Ecoboost. I think the only thing on my side with the hybrid is that my order was entered and confirmed on the first day; the 15th. So we will...
  5. Official ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Sport Thread

    They are going to do a deep dive YouTube video on it. No driving, but full review of the inside and outside. The videos are usually about 10 minutes long. I can’t wait to see it. They were doing it this week. Might have been yesterday. They weren’t going to tell me because I jokingly said I was...
  6. Official ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Sport Thread

    My daughter and I are flying up to Kansas on the 18th to pick it up. It’s the earliest our schedules allow. I already bought it. Already have my 42k Ford Points, getting all the congrats emails from Ford and everything. I’m told they are taking good care of it. 😉.
  7. Official ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Sport Thread

    Looks great Shane. Congratulations 🎉🎈🍾🎊!!!
  8. In production but no date showing

    Gawd they are crooks. So they came back with 2.9%, but what about the cash incentive? I got $500 because that is what was offered if you ordered before the end of December. I believe the $1k was after 1 Jan and before April ‘23, so out of my window.
  9. Seen my first Bronco Sport Heritage - in Robin's Egg Blue

    Yeah… I had a Mini Cooper years ago with white wheels. Total pita to kelp clean. Thinking about getting them ceramic coated to help with that.
  10. In production but no date showing

    It’s a long story but I had a railcar number then I didn’t. A friends BS shipped with mine. He had a railcar number, so we tracked his. It was fun. I would actually call and use his railcar number and track his car for the heck of it. As for tee Off Rodeo, yeah, thinking of it. I live about 90...
  11. In production but no date showing

    Mine never showed on my dealers website. Heck, it never showed on Ford’s when you searched for “inventory”. It also shipped without a railcar number, etc. 😂
  12. More Turmoil For Bronco Waiting List

    I have a friend who is on his second BS and recently test drove a Black Diamond 2-Dr 6-spd manual Bronco. He was surprised at how comfortable and easy it was to drive. Needless to say, he’s been in contact with dealers in his area to order when the order banks open in March. It appears that the...
  13. Latest recall for 2023 bronco sport

    I went online too and it came back with 0 also. Guess I’ll keep checking since I’m in the build window.
  14. Latest recall for 2023 bronco sport

    Ugh…I’m in that window. Built on December 12th. I noticed it said only 801 or so impacted. I’m pretty sure they built more than 800 in that window. Fun times.
  15. Heritage and Heritage Limited Thread

    Well if you got an order sheet then that tells me you put in an order. Don’t let them be buttheads.
  16. Heritage and Heritage Limited Thread

    Oooo…if they are an honest dealer, I would hope they’d give you the rates from August. I honestly just texted my salesman and said let me know what the rates are because I don’t want to apply at my credit union if Ford has better rates; which I think they do. He got back to me in less than 10...
  17. Heritage and Heritage Limited Thread

    I think the rates I got were what they were when I ordered. I just said, what are my rights? And he came back with the rates at each month. It was seriously that simple. You should get the rates that are better either when you ordered or now. They should be able to look in smart Vincent and see...
  18. Heritage and Heritage Limited Thread

    Sorry for the delay… here you go…
  19. Heritage and Heritage Limited Thread

    Can’t wait to see pictures of it.
  20. Heritage and Heritage Limited Thread