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    Original Bronco II from 1987-1988 days

    A friend owned a 1966 Bronco, 289V8 with a 3 speed. I drove it quite a bit. My Outer Banks is faster.
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    OEM Replacement Valve Stem Caps

    Wrong color. Ford puts nitrogen in the tires and identifies it by using green valve stem caps.
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    OEM Replacement Valve Stem Caps

    Probably kids. I had two of them very suddenly come up missing last week, so I bought some replacements from Amazon. Look pretty much like factory.
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    Glove Box Security

    Not in Arizona.
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    Problems with the stock wipers?

    I never park in the garage and the stock factory wipers were fine until my last service where the mechanic decided to replace them front and rear. The new ones work well also. OTOH, we don't get snow where I live, but we do get some torrential rains.
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    My First Flat

    I got a flat a few months ago, same as the OP, drivers side rear. Found out about it when I got a TPMS notification on the dash. Stopped at a gas station and put another 10 pounds of air in it and went to my friendly local Discount Tire store. They said they were very busy, and it was...
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    Interior liftgate release

    He probably did, but I hadn't opened the back for over 6 weeks so he didn't get anything from touching it.
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    Interior liftgate release

    The wife and I got a really nasty cold a few weeks ago and didn't want to spread it around, so we ordered some groceries and NyQuil and DayQuil and picked it up in the store parking lot. The employee came out with the stuff, I opened the gate from the driver's seat and we thus avoided...
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    My 1st mod!!! 25th ID and my whop wings

    My Avatar is USARHAW, United States Army Headquarters Hawaii. I spent time with the 11th Infantry Brigade in Schofield Barracks Oahu, where the OP got his Avatar. The 11th Infantry Brigade occupied Schofield Barracks after the 25th (Tropic Lightning) Division proceeded to Vietnam. My Avatar...
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    Radio turning on spontaneously

    I've owned cars for 60 years and to this day I've never turned a car radio off, so I can't help. OTOH, if it turns off by itself I'll post.
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    Windshield and rear wipers

    None of them last more than a year here in Arizona
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    Window Tinting - do you need to remove the factory tint first?

    Again, it's on the outside and the factory tint is on the inside. That may be why it's on the outside, but I could be wrong. It's very easy to see it's on the outside. I lower my window where the top is just out of the channel. I look at it from the inside and I can see tint, they around 3MM...
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    Phone charging

    They aren't doing it because they're cheap, they're doing it for liability reasons. I recently flew a couple of long haul flights in an AirBus A330. They have USB charging ports and they're 1 amp. They didn't do it to save money either. My solution is simple, I carry a charging bank with me...
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    Auto Start/Stop when Parking

    I do. Never a problem as it's always turned off.
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    Window Tinting - do you need to remove the factory tint first?

    Just the way it's done in this area.
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    Window Tinting - do you need to remove the factory tint first?

    Absolutely positive. I've checked.
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    Sirius XM Spamming

    I'll be the odd man out. I tried the 6 months free Sirius service and liked it a lot. I could get the music I like anytime I wanted. So when the 6 months was up, they didn't call me, but I went online to their website and signed up for it. It costs a little over $16.00/month with tax and I...
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    Lost brakes 12k miles 2021 bronco sport base model

    I suspect it's got two settings, on and off and nothing in between. But if you really, really need to stop full on emergency brake is a good thing.
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    Ford comparison, Build quality

    Your experience is the same as mind. OTOH, I've owned nothing but Fords all my life. Edited to add: Just got back from a vacation trip where I rented a Jeep Compass SUV. If you think Ford makes a lot of noise, seems cheap or tinny, take a ride in a Jeep Compass. I wouldn't buy one of those...