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  1. Folkman

    Was it Too Much??? - New Video: China Dam

    Sooooo. I did a thing. I thought it was a 4/10.... really. I did. It was a 6... Argenis did an AMAZING job doing things I am pretty sure the "Big Guys" would have said not to try. I need that @JcrOffroad armor for sure. Came close to making a few very bad mistakes to compound the one I...
  2. Folkman

    Sometimes the Kit is not made of metal

    There are a few new to off-roading/overlanding getting one of our beloved Sports. I was one of them. We focus a lot of time on the fun gadgets and equipment upgrades/acquisitions and don’t think about the tactical knowledge of our adventures sometimes until it’s too late and we end up not...
  3. Folkman

    Bronco Sport Destinations - Anderson Mill

    We know our Bronco Sports aren’t big bad Jeeps or their Big Bronco brethren. If we wanted to climb mountains, maybe we would have bought one. No, we are after the places other cars can’t get us to or other crossovers can’t handle. Our Broncos show is interesting things to see. Anderson Mill is...
  4. Folkman

    Zip Zap Trail under Power!!!

    Went out with my middle kid, one of my sons, to see if we couldn't find Zip Zap this time. We found it for sure. The trail runs under the long haul powerlines just north of Phoenix in the desert. It is..... let's say if you have teeth, you may have a few fewer after. It is Rock Garden...
  5. Folkman


    Now…. That IS funny. Especially if you take yours out for realz.
  6. Folkman

    High Desert Exploration in Bronco Sport

    Went out with my daughter and got to play with some higher speeds…. And a little mud. Yes @Escape2Bronco, in Arizona LOL. Hope you enjoy… we did…. Should have aired down a bit tho…. It was ROUGH! We Broke the Cardinal Rule: Exploring the Desert in the Bronco Sport
  7. Folkman

    Iconic Silver frustrates me!

    OK, I conic silver is my color, and I actually like it a lot. it doesn’t show dirt badly so if you forget to wash it (or are lazy like me) the rain spots don’t show that bad. What I don’t like about it… is that it doesn’t show dirt. Even when you are covered in mud it just doesn’t show as...
  8. Folkman

    We know it’s smaller… but it’s also doable

    So… my daughter has fun with this. It’s become a thing. Another one is published. this is probably a bit less for many of us… but who knows. If it helps any of you potentials, people waiting on an order or in general entertains you. Then our job is done. So frustrating! 5 Tips for Loading...
  9. Folkman

    Trail Militia Video: Is the Bronco Sport the best AWD vehicle on the market? We test it with a Honda Ridgeline

    Still want those bumpers! But she explains that well. “it’s not an off-roader”. Heh.
  10. Folkman

    It's not all about Offroad!

    When I think of my Sport, I think of bumps, drops, ruts, and dirt. But it isn't all about that. One of the main reasons for purchasing my Bronco Sport was to get out and see what lies beyond the four walls of our home. Introduce the family to things I did as a child growing up. So while this...
  11. Folkman

    For what it's Worth, my 10k video is up

    Hey Everyone, I hit 10k. Almost 11 now. I've done more offroad than I have in my life, and less than I would like and more than my wife would like. I've driven on the freeway, I've driven in the streets. Is it "comprehensive?" no. It's more like if you were to sit down for coffee with...
  12. Folkman

    Found possible solution for low tow weight?

    I continue to come across threads in relation to the meager tow capacity of our ponies. Yes, it was t meant to carry a lot. It is meant for light towing and we have to be creative in our choices. while perusing the interwebs and the various apps I have on this block of gizmos in my hand, I came...
  13. Folkman

    Part 2 Outlaw Trail Released :-)

    So here is a video of my trip to Outlaw Trail in Sedona. It's in onX as a 4/10. There are some technical spots... lots of grade and lots of ROCK.... not gravel haha. There are a couple of sketch steps here and there also. We only got the first steps at the beginning on camera. We are...
  14. Folkman

    Another Video... Part 1 - Outlaw Trail in Sedona

    Posting right now my new video (first part) of our trip to Sedona for the Outlaw Trail. The trail was tricky! But it was a blast. I think things are magnified by the windshield... some of the steps and rocks looked bigger than they do on video LOL. I'm new to offroad. So this was my third...
  15. Folkman

    Windshield Replacement looks complicated

    So a rock did a thing. I’m in Phoenix AZ and just about…. Ok every time…. One goes on the freeway you hear a ping here or a ping there. It’s just a thing out here. I heard one but didn’t see any damage. Came out of the Drs office to a 1ft crack in the windshield. The rock hit literally right...
  16. Folkman

    Hassayampa/Box Canyon in Wickenburg AZ with Sand and Water Fording

    Latest run in the Badlands. HRG 1 1/4 Falcon AT3W 245/65/17 Rally Innovations Front Skid Went out with a 4x4 club out of Prescott AZ, Summit 4x4 Club. It’s not a “Hard” trail, but for a beginner it was tricky and a bit unnerving at times. And I have a battle scar now underneath :-(. Guess it...
  17. Folkman

    Oops. I think I broke it. I know nothing about determining severity.

    Sooooooo. I did a thing. Or, more specifically a rock did. I’ve got a Badlands and a rock kicked, flipped and went taller than it started. I have no idea if this is severe damage or not, but an idea from all you smart people would go a long way. Yes, I’m going to have a dealer take a gander...
  18. Folkman

    OK. Got a weird one here. Maybe I am crazy.

    Hear me out. I may be nuts. Took a trip to California in Jan. And noticed an oily substance splattered on my outer Left front and rear tire sidewalls. Only the outer ones. I knocked it up to having run something over as a lot of construction was crossed. Figured road gunk. car was all...
  19. Folkman

    Video: Table Mesa “Road” in Badlands

    Isn’t the best video, but I’m not a real YouTuber. Not sure I am even real at all some days :). The area is heavily used by mudders on the rare times it rains. It is both rougher and steeper than it looks. I ran it in Normal the whole way. Badlands with HRG 1 1/4 lift and Falcon AT3W 245/65/17.
  20. Folkman

    Badlands with New Platform Shoes

    I got my badlands last year from my dealer (who I have never had any issues with, and has always been the best experience in my car buying career). Love the BS but she needed that little something more (Noticed Arizona trails need a bit more). I talked to Jim at San Tan Ford Customs/San Tan...