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  1. GulfCoastBronco

    Widest tire can put on 18in factory rims?

    I’m running 235/65/18
  2. GulfCoastBronco

    Retro 70's Freewheelin Graphics on Bronco Sport Badlands

    Did you design and print these yourself? Or is there somewhere these can be ordered? I too loved that concept at Sema and have not seen enough graphics in that style on the market. Looks great!
  3. GulfCoastBronco

    Bronco Sport Light Switch Panel Recommendations

    Haven’t tried to dim it to be honest. The brightness doesn’t bother me. Kinda blends in with the ambient lightning
  4. GulfCoastBronco

    Stall - "Accessory Overload"

    I have not experienced this. But would be very curious to see what could trigger this. Anything show up in Ford Pass App?
  5. GulfCoastBronco

    Auto Start/Stop when Parking

    I bet turning ac to full blast would also prevent auto start/stop from engaging when coming to a stop in a parking lot. Just another suggestion/option.
  6. GulfCoastBronco

    Bronco Sport Light Switch Panel Recommendations

    It is drilled on. You could possibly use some 3M adhesive. But I was fine drilling based on location. There is nothing behind that spot and it’s hollow so there was no chance of drilling into something.
  7. GulfCoastBronco

    Bronco Sport Light Switch Panel Recommendations

    Auxbeam is what I used. It keeps things clean both under the hood and inside the cab. 8 switch went on sale or I would’ve just got 6.
  8. GulfCoastBronco

    Intelligent access not working on passenger door

    I thought intelligent access was only driver side, and rear cargo hatch. And the setting was in reference to what doors it unlocks, not what doors can be used to unlock. I could be wrong as I don’t use it, but that is the way I’ve understood it.
  9. GulfCoastBronco

    Help with Oracle LED letters

    There is an IG account @onyxthebronco that has a video of replacing and using the oracle lights. I would message them and see about size different too. The video is pretty informative haha.
  10. GulfCoastBronco

    Factory tint for '22 BS models?

    Yes as one or more stated the back glass and cargo area windows are not a true tiny but a factory haze which is in the glass. I’m also in Texas and did ceramic tint, legal on front windows and step darker on rear. 20% on rear and back if I recall. Looks darker due to haze, but still able too see...
  11. GulfCoastBronco

    Auto Stop / Start not working

    Yes. Like others I agree it is the battery. My 2016 F-150 stop doing auto/stop about 6 months before my battery needed to be replaced. Auto/stop resumed as soon as the battery was changed.
  12. GulfCoastBronco

    Archaic LED Tail Lights

    Saw a post on IG of someone that changed them out. I actually thought they looked really slick on his build. But the price and shipping cost is way out of what I would even want to consider. Like most mods, not for everyone but the one I saw was pretty slick.
  13. GulfCoastBronco

    Heads up, Head Wind!

    I don’t feel like the crossbars caused any wind noise. I did get them about a week after I got the Bronco so I don’t have a big sample size. Minimal if any.
  14. GulfCoastBronco

    Heads up, Head Wind!

    I know there’s a few posts about the 40 inch light bar. I’ve had mine for a few months now and just want to express, in case anyone is considering and unaware…there is a significant increase of wind noise. it is easy to get used to, however for me I live in a place where we have often time 30...
  15. GulfCoastBronco

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Been parked in the garage since last Saturday. Left work and heard some unusual noises over some small minor road bumps/imperfections. Drove into a slanted driveway and definitely knew something was strange. Checked under the vehicle as well as under the hood as I had just had my oil changed...
  16. GulfCoastBronco

    Speedometer/MPG/Miles read out

    Question of curiosity. If putting larger tires causes speedometer to be off without calibration, is the “live” mpg read out also different? What about the odometer read out? Would that be effected as well? Does my vehicle possibly have a different number of actual miles on it due to different...
  17. GulfCoastBronco

    Yakima 50" Jetstream Bar (Not Recommended) Install Measurements

    Looks good. Hopefully no issues. Pics loaded next please haha
  18. GulfCoastBronco

    Older Wiser Lazier

    Thanks! Hard wired. And doesn’t change color. It had a great price on Amazon day ha! Would’ve went with 6 panel but 8 ended up cheaper.
  19. GulfCoastBronco

    Older Wiser Lazier

    OP auxbeam is a good switch idea, once wired makes it easier for the next add on. They have different options on Amazon, worth looking into.