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  1. Bamsi

    Lift, Wheels & Tires on our 2022 Badlands Bronco Sport

    Hi! How you like your RTR lift so far? Any issue?
  2. Bamsi

    Big Tires for BS Badlands

    Thanks for the info
  3. Bamsi

    20mm wheel spacers installed

    Do anyone recommend a good american made wheel spacers for our BS BL's? What is a good, reliable brand? Have anyone installed the RTR lifts?
  4. Bamsi

    Olive - Meanderthal’s BS BL

    What are the best brand of spacers, are any really american made?
  5. Bamsi

    Olive - Meanderthal’s BS BL

    What size of tire is that one?
  6. Bamsi

    Official ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Sport Thread

    Wish you Wish you the best with your new ride!
  7. Bamsi

    Happy Three Kings day/Feliz día de Retes

    Happy three Kings day/Feliz día de Reyes desde (from) Juana Diaz, PR.
  8. Bamsi

    Outer Banks vs Badlands

    I have a 2021 cactus grey BL, and I am more than happy so far!!! So, good choice!
  9. Bamsi

    Outer Banks vs Badlands

    After all, what you got? Are you happy with it?
  10. Bamsi

    Happy New Year!

    Is tradition here, at least for us the old ones (I'm 54) to end the year with "lechón en vara" (pig in a stick) with pitorro (puertorrican moonshine) and start the new year eating roasted pork sandwiches! BTW pitorro is legal here during Xmas (thanksgiving day through Fiestas de San Sebastián...
  11. Bamsi

    Happy New Year!

    Feliz 2023/Happy 2023!
  12. Bamsi

    Hello from south of the border

    Saludos Santiago! Espero que la disfrutes! Los aros quedaron de lujo! José
  13. Bamsi

    Lift Kit New Wheels and Tires

    Someone with experience with the RTR spacers. Need any change in links or brake lines? Other kits includes midified links...
  14. Bamsi

    Questions About You & Your Bronco Sport!!!

    I have 2 different Lumix DMC-FZ's and they are great! Why 2? Needed to wait 5 years after my divorce to get back the first one! 😅
  15. Bamsi

    Questions About You & Your Bronco Sport!!!

    54 Guys '21 BS/BL- my lumbar fixation consolation "prize", and daily driver 15K Love it, replaced my 2003 Durango 4x4 and my 2011 daily driver Murano. Not any second of regret. Comfortable and capable, while keeping good mpg.
  16. Bamsi

    Eibach Sale on Springs, 15% off

    Hi Bkubaru, Happy Holidays! Do you have it installed? Are they worth the money. I would be happy just with that extra inch and larger tires in my badlands. How they behave at highway speeds? Thanks for any info you can share!
  17. Bamsi

    How to mount light bar and run wires?

    Man, you need to almost dismantle the car to plug a light? For real? Naaahhhh, you are kidding!
  18. Bamsi

    Getting windshield #3 🤦🏻‍♂️

    I understand you! My second. $1000, $500 deductible. Hope I could get some film to protect it.
  19. Bamsi

    Bought my Badlands off the lot

    Congrats for your BL. I cannot blame you for paying a little more, if you liked what you saw, an got it at the moment. BS is still hot and difficult to get in the Mainland. Here, in Puerto Rico, you have inventory to choose. When I bought mine, the dealer had 4 in stock, all different colors. It...