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  1. wessermgm

    Big Tires for BS Badlands

    I only think that they cheap in comparison to every other size of the AT3W. If they called them something else, I think that they are a fine tire. But the AT3W is not supposed to be a light, efficient tire, it is supposed to be a great, bulletproof, aggressive, long lasting true AT tire, and it...
  2. wessermgm

    Big Tires for BS Badlands

    The Falkens that are OEM are not the same at the other WildpeakAT3W sizes. They are thin and rounded to meet Ford’s weight requirements. The OEM Wildpeaks are 31.1 lbs at 235/65/17. The 225/65/17 actually weigh 2 lbs more at 33.7 lbs, showing how cheap the OEMs are.
  3. wessermgm

    Big Tires for BS Badlands

    For the Badlands, I would think any popular 245/65/17 would be fine. KO2s, Falkens, Mickey Thompson’s, even Nitto Ridge Grapplers are all on the table. The 2.0L will not mind the weight. 1.5L versions have to be more cognizant of the weight. For 1.5l owners I would suggest Toyo Open Country...
  4. wessermgm

    Granger Order

    Sounds like Badlands always takes longer, probably due to the electronic locker in the rear. Need more chips for the more advanced system.
  5. wessermgm

    Granger Order

    Yeah, as BS are becoming more plentiful on lots, the Granger savings is definitely mitigated, especially since there are still MY22s on lots that didn't have the price increase. The way I see it, I am getting a very modest savings over a similar 2022 BB, but a decent savings over a MY23. There...
  6. wessermgm

    Granger Order

    I also got this email today scheduling mine for the same week. Pretty quick turnaround from order to scheduled (9 days). Maybe Ford has gotten their systems working better at Hermosillo. Pretty excited. I was thinking delivery around June, but maybe April/May?
  7. wessermgm

    Ford Protect ESP (Extended Service Plan) -- $50 Over Dealer Cost

    Correct. If you are a FL resident, Ziegler Ford offers strong pricing on Ford ESP, just a bit more than Granger.
  8. wessermgm

    4 Wheel Parts 4WP Level Kit installed

    The 4WP website claims that this kit doesn't fit a 2023, which makes no sense. There hasn't been any change. I suspect that they just need to update, but their ppl won't order or install one of these for a 2023 because their system says it doesn't fit.
  9. wessermgm

    I just placed an order...

    Congratulations! I just placed my order today. I look forward to spending some time with these guys and discussing these vehicles.
  10. wessermgm

    Granger Order

    Bit the bullet and put in my Granger order today. Confirmed by Ford within 2 minutes. Granger processed everything super quick. Thanks to Savannah and the team. BTW: Went with Silver Big Bend, Conv. Package, Cargo Management, Rubber Seatback. MSRP $35,015; $33,010 through Granger. The price...
  11. wessermgm

    Is Ford Performance ever going to offer a lift kit for the BS BL?

    They do offer level kits for F150 that add up to 2.5" in the front.
  12. wessermgm

    2023 Base Edition - Any News Why Unavailable?

    I am doing my research about putting in an order for a 2023. Debating the merits of each model. I do actually think that the Base Model for the price is a pretty good option. Any idea why Ford has not allowed the ordering for 2023 Base Models? If they were just going to pull the plug, wouldn't...