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  1. V8 Yankee

    Hypermiler Report

    I figured I'd post results of my second trip down to Key West from Miami earlier today. This trip is a perfect hypermiler trip. It was a 310 mile R/T, 90% of it is posted between 45 and 55 mph, heavily monitored with speed traps every 10 miles, and those are the ones you can see. Probably more...
  2. V8 Yankee

    High Idle Duration

    Morning all, curious if any motorheads have the same high idle duration on their 1.5 BS as do. If I leave my engine off for 10 minutes and restart the cold start idle programming kicks in, the duration is for approx. 30 to 60 seconds at 15-1800 rpm. Not an issue if I restart under 10 minutes of...
  3. V8 Yankee

    Dipstick QR Code

    Okay amateur sleuths out there I've got a riddle. The engine dipstick has a QR Code on it my phone cannot read. The code is probably just another code for the part number OR maybe another Easter Egg that Ford sprinkled thru-out the Bronco. If anyone manages to get a read on it let me know what...
  4. V8 Yankee

    UPR Catch Can installed

    Just finished installing a UPR Catch Can. The excellant quality of this can is evident from first glance. Every component is made from the best material available for the application. There's plenty to choose from, some quite a bit cheaper but if you want the top of line version this is the one.
  5. V8 Yankee

    Custom Exhaust

    Hello all BS officiendos, I took the plunge and customized the exhaust on my 1.5 OB. Short version is, it sounds surprisingly awesome! Compared to the anemic sound coming from the gargantuan OEM muffler that is. Now I know there are plenty of nay sayers thinking why waste good money on...
  6. V8 Yankee

    2021 OB Black Beauty

    Well after reading posts on accessories and adding bling for the last 2 months I figured it was time to post my BS OB project. To start with I decided to keep the original wheels and tires. Ford did a good job on wheels and IMO the wheels are perfect for the Shadow Black scheme. Black really...