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  1. Steelbronco

    So tiny next to raptor

    I understand completely and I'm a couple of years younger but we all don't know what everyone's life may be going through. So I dip into my 401k to pay for a Bronco Raptor. I don't owe 10 years I may not have 10 years....sometimes it may just be about enjoying life and family. By the way, I...
  2. Steelbronco

    So tiny next to raptor

    With six granddaughters??? I don't think, but they all love Paps Bronco's. It all started when my Dad bought his first new Bronco half cab in 1972. Our family has enjoyed every generation of Bronco since!
  3. Steelbronco

    So tiny next to raptor

    You know when you're a true Bronco don't judge any Bronco in my opinion. You like them all!!! Mine below:
  4. Steelbronco

    It’s official: we have hit the big time!

    Hey GoDolphins now that my Bronco Raptor just arrived, we should meet up and test that theory sometime. It would be a fun day for sure.
  5. Steelbronco

    Seen my first Bronco Sport Heritage - in Robin's Egg Blue

    That Ken and Barbie Mustang is awesome! Just ask any of my 6 granddaughters. I'm sure they would love a Robin's Egg Blue Bronco Sport! Not everyone likes the Code Orange on my Bronco Raptor but I do and the granddaughters do. We all have our own opinions and they should be expressed. I just...
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    Hood decals to reduce glare

    Have you considered trying a pair of!
  7. Steelbronco

    Seen my first Bronco Sport Heritage - in Robin's Egg Blue

    Out driving around today and I was able to see my first Robin's Egg Blue Bronco Sport Heritage in person. I must say it is really nice. It may be a little blurry but I went on the dealers website to just show the Window sticker.
  8. Steelbronco

    Squeak Noise After Auto Stop/Start

    That could be a number of things even related to the motor starting back up. Say a motor mount for example but you think it may be in the dash? I ultimately have no idea and am only trying to help....I'm sure you'll get it. I know these types of noises drive me crazy until I find them so best...
  9. Steelbronco

    Squeak Noise After Auto Stop/Start

    So if I read this correctly as long as the Auto start/stop is off you do not have this squeak?
  10. Steelbronco

    Squeak Noise After Auto Stop/Start

    Maybe you should take your phone and try to record the noise for the technicians just to prove what you are saying. If this is possible?
  11. Steelbronco

    Auto Stop Eliminator

    Wow, thanks for this info as I have not heard of any issues. Mine also has performed flawlessly but I will keep this battery issue in the back of my mind as a "look at" item.
  12. Steelbronco

    Anyone else....maybe me? Tired of Bronco owners knocking on the Bronco Sport

    I know...I'm going to have a rough time dealing with the range of emotions when I choose whether to get in the Bronco Sport Badlands or the Bronco Raptor in our garage. Do I get mad at myself, or jealous, maybe ignore me and look away. Eh, I'll probably just be the same polite person I am to...
  13. Steelbronco

    Show us the trailers hitched up to your Bronco Sport

    Best purchase we made for hauling items when not using our truck.
  14. Steelbronco

    SEMA 2022 Bronco Sport "New Bumper"

    Well a different opinion could be: Buy the 1,900.00 Ranger Bumper. Have the skills to modify and put on myself. Have Badlands, additional weight will be ok. ECU? Deal with it only if a problem but highly unlikely it will be an issue. Ability and knowledge to deal with potential issues. End...
  15. Steelbronco

    Sync Navigation Map Update NA 2 21 Now Available

    See I just followed the online instructions to just download the navigation to the zip drive and plug it in for the update. Simply not true for me I had issues. What I found out. I should have just downloaded to my laptop. From there unzipped the files. When I opened the System32 folder I...
  16. Steelbronco

    SEMA 2022 Bronco Sport "New Bumper"

    I know I am also interested in this Bumper so I reached out to Fab Fours to inquire about the possibility of getting one. Here is what I found out: We appreciate you reaching out in regards to Bronco Sport model products. We have discussed bringing out a sport line. The image attached is from...
  17. Steelbronco

    Hood Scoop / Decal Question

    It still sounds like there is an issue. Maybe out of alignment or bumpers need adjusted. Like I said I just do not have any vibration issues with my hood. Best of luck!
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    Engine cover installed and MPG improved?

    Hahahahahahaha..... gasp.... hahahahaha gasp...gasp..hahahahaha!!!!!
  20. Steelbronco

    Long weekend: start the bad Dad Jokes — as my kids say

    Dad jokes...around the grill cooking for the family get together. So what do you call a cow with no legs? Ground Beef 🐃💨 Hamburgers are done...🤣🤣