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  1. Winds of Change

    Who is in Production today?

    Its definatly not me😭
  2. Winds of Change

    Cargo Management System part

    While looking at a used First Edition online in the pictures it appears the cms shelf is missing. Our forum provided the part numbers and cost. WTF A grand just for that piece.
  3. Winds of Change

    Switch color

    What shade of blue is used to light up the interior switched and what not? I am thinking of getting some kind of ambeient lighting and want it to match. I do not have a vehicle yet to look at.
  4. Winds of Change

    Badlands vs the other trims?

    Would those in the group agree or diagree that the AWD set up on the lower trims is very capable compared to a badlands, just no as? Or just ok. And does anyone regret not getting a Badlands? And yes I know abouth all the features of both. Mainly the dual clutch differential being the big...
  5. Winds of Change

    2023 Bronco Sport production now starting Dec 1, 2022 According to sources familiar with the matter, production of the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport will begin two weeks later than initially projected. Production of the current 2022 Bronco Sport was expected to end...
  6. Winds of Change

    Bronco Heritage Limited orders

    Just saw an article that ALL Bronco Heritage limited orders will be canceled by ford. Unsure about the Bronco Sport as the article did not mention Sports. Dealerships will be sent 1 to sell off the floor. It was of course by Bronco Nation thus no sport mention.
  7. Winds of Change

    YAA Youtube/Podcast For Purchasing knowledge

    I recently discovered YAA on youtube. It took some time for the older guy to grow on me. However for people new to all things related to dealing with a new car purchase or a used car there is a ton of good information by them to be had. Everything from how to negotiate the Out the Door price to...
  8. Winds of Change

    Android Tablet W/GPS

    I am looking for an Android Tablet that is durable for running Gaia in the vehicle. I am familiar with tablets. So would just a good Samsung be fine? Or is there some small issue or feature I may not be aware of?
  9. Winds of Change

    Minor change

    Ok so who has an order scheduled for a 2023 and wants to make a small change but is afraid any small change will bump the build date?
  10. Winds of Change

    Granger Order

    There is one thing that stopped me from doing this. A non refundable deposit. That puts me in a posistion of no more choices or options. As much as I have learned from these forums Trusting all of you and them with $1000 is a hard trigger to pull. I definatly was quoted a good price, but I have...
  11. Winds of Change

    Bronco Sport Aftermarket Accessories Seems Lacking

    This vehicle really seems neglected by the aftermarket community. I like the tube bumper setup from a sema video. Too many concepts not enough implementation. Especially if one has any of the front radar safety stuff. Maybe the computer should not have let me order it on a Badlands lol. To much...
  12. Winds of Change

    Need an easy measurement

    I am working on a decal for the rear window. Can someone get me a width measurement please?
  13. Winds of Change

    Adding a circuit

    Has anyone actually accessed the back side of a fuse block to add a circuit? As in when you have a live spare wouldn't you have to wire it up from behind inorder to not look or be Jerry rigged? I know there are fuse taps and such. Just wondering is that what is actually supposed to done or not...
  14. Winds of Change

    My build just got moved up

    I received an email yesterday informing me my 2023 BS BL just got bumped up from 11/21 to 11/14. I think I am getting ecxcited.
  15. Winds of Change

    Older Wiser Lazier

    I look at all the mods people do and trust me there was I time I was right there. Adding this accessory or installing this option after the fact. It just seemed easier in the long run to just by the higher trim level. And trust me I understand where you are in life (financially, energenetically...
  16. Winds of Change

    Switch Panel Location

    Are there any clean install locations for a switch panel. My BS BL is scheduled for 11/22. I am looking for a good unobtrusive location. What have you found?
  17. Winds of Change

    Anyone ordered Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition and received confirmation email?

    Has anyone ordered this vehicle and received a confirmation Email from FORD?
  18. Winds of Change

    BS HEL

    So yesterday I ordered a Heritage Limited. They said they do not know What it will be but they are allocated 1 heritage vehicle and do not know what it will be. For the heritage basically my oreder means nothing to Ford. So today I was told I can oreder a non heritage model to spec and I would...