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  1. ⏰ Bronco Sport Scheduling This Week (9/19) For Production Build Weeks 11/14 Through 11/28

    Any guess when orders will be full for 2023? I have a work wont be ordering for 2 weeks....will I miss out? Thx.
  2. Where is my stick shifter

    Or imagine having the shifter on the column like the first escapes had. phone charger? pftt you could almost fit a gallon of milk between the lower dash and the center console. :) Why they had to relocate everything and waste space on the center console...I don't know. They could have left...
  3. 2023MY Bronco Sport Order Bank, Production Scheduling, Job #1 Dates

    Hi, Apologies I haven't sorted through all the posts. Could someone explain how I would order a I just go online, or must I contact a dealer? (Grainger is 5 hours from me, probably use Joe Cotton in IL) I have been looking for a few months at used cars to replace my 2001 first gen...
  4. Waiting room

    I will have to see what changes there were for you lose any money if you never take the order? I know from my last reading to get signed copies of everything and pricing since some dealers have been unscupulous. Thanks.
  5. Waiting room

    yes I see that now, thanks.
  6. Waiting room

    Thanks .... let's say, what is the minimum wait time? 2+ years ago I was waiting and waiting...watching for the spy shots on test vehicles...had to buy something else. I lost track since I got tired of Ford's delays. But now my first new car ever (2001 Escape)....just sold. :-(
  7. Waiting room

    what is the wait time these days if I ordered tomorrow? Sad....just sold my 2001 Ford Escape (the template for the sport IMO) 200,000 miles... :-(
  8. Has anyone seen a BroncoSport Vs Gen2 Escape offroad comparison yet?

    I still think that Ford realized they emasculated the original Escape into the jellybean it is now and did a “do-over” with the
  9. Bronco Sport Lightning EV Renderings

    It is still a little too small. ??‍♂️
  10. PSA: Coffee / Liquid Spill Shorts Out Gear Indicator

    Am I the only one that wants the shifter back on the column? The center console has less and less space with these console shifters, and now dials....I’m just too old for “progress“ I guess. But also never went rock crawling there must be some advantages I don’t realize.
  11. Introducing the Ford Maverick Pickup! Featuring Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price

    As I do....I know everyone places the BS above this pickup truck. I see many new teenage drivers having a wrangler, and now some the BS.....this pickup seems like a great low cost alternative. Relatively muscular looking, good mpg, and a good base price. I am looking forward to see what safety...
  12. If you can't get Bronco Sport then what?

    I see some mentioning the 4Runner....that is bigger than the BS. I had to make the decision 9 months ago due to delays, and went with the Subaru Forester Sport. (Yes, I never thought about Subaru ever before). I was on the Bronco forum when it was still a rumor.... Subaru has good clearance...
  13. Photoshop Request.... 2012 Escape (or earlier) overlayed with the Bronco Sport

    That is from an early sneak peak that was released a while back before the reveal.
  14. 2021 Ford Bronco Sport vs. Jeep Cherokee vs. Mazda CX-5

    Ok, I have a Forester too....and a 1st Gen Escape, so I wasn’t aware that the Sport sight lines are a little difficult....thanks. were you saying the Forester was easier or harder to judge (sorry I haven’t been paying attention)
  15. Real-world MPG Test Badlands w/wheel upgrade

    That is way over it’s mpg
  16. Is it big enough?

    This is the only picture I found of could have the best direct comparison between the old and the new. What you miss out in the Bronco....and all newer cars, is the used space from the GOAT and gear selector. The old Escapes could fit a gallon jug between the front seats on the...
  17. Is it big enough?

    :crying:I would like to hear your comparisons between the 1st Gen Escape and the sport....have you posted any side-by-side pictures?
  18. Is it big enough?

    . Very true....I chose the original Escape because the RAV4, CRV, were tiny at the they are much bigger. Pictures 1 and 4 above show an earlier Honda Pilot which looks bigger, and higher....and this is years before they grew to the mini-van like size they are now. Can someone...