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  1. OuterBanks25

    I Got The Magic Email!

    Boy was I excited to find this in my inbox..... Not bad considering we ordered the vehicle a little over a month ago. I hope other people who ordered around the same time are getting their emails as well. I also hope this means that Ford is getting more supplies and semiconductors to...
  2. OuterBanks25

    Question: Bronco Sport Tailgate Letters in Black?

    I have a curious question regarding the tailgate letters on the Bronco Sport. I know that most if not all the trims come with white letters from the factory. However, is there an option getting them in black? I recall seeing a First Edition with black letters instead. I ask because my dad...
  3. OuterBanks25

    Ordered a Bronco Sport Outer Banks

    Hello. Newcomer here. I'm also known as MightyMaverick on the Maverick forum but have just now joined the Bronco Sport forum because I recently ordered a 2023 Ford Bronco Sport as well. This will not be my car per se, this will be for my mom. We ordered her an Area 51 Outer Banks to match my...