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  1. Wolf256

    Poll: How much did you pay for your Bronco Sport?

    Have to get back to you when I can grab the paperwork. I honestly don’t remember and I’m on vacation right now.
  2. Wolf256

    Raptor grill accent lights

    Where I would put them, if I had the skills.
  3. Wolf256

    Armrest controls?--image attached

    The mirror heaters are on the dash with the defrost controls. 🙃
  4. Wolf256

    Badlands vs the other trims?

    I chose Badlands over Outer Banks for 2 reasons. I wanted 17“ rims and a moonroof. At the time I ordered, getting a moonroof was only available on the BL.
  5. Wolf256

    1st Oil Change on Bronco Sport Badlands -- Thoughts and Things Learned!

    Had my first at 4908. The dealership I purchased from gave me my first one free. 🎉 Next one will be at 10000. I’ve been driving lots of highway/freeway miles.
  6. Wolf256

    Turn signal turns driving light on that side off while in use

    Position 2 is parking lights, what my daughter’s generation called ‘coolies’. It’s what I use to dim my lights at the sentry going on base. Driving with just the parking lights on is ticket able in some jurisdictions. Just an FYI.
  7. Wolf256

    Hack to connect the two piece Back OEM Rubber Mats for the Sport using Chicago Screws.

    Your back mat has a Bronco emblem on it? Mine doesn’t 😫
  8. Wolf256

    Who's car is it?

    60/F Widow/Retired Love my Badlands. I’ve put 8000 miles on it in 7 months. I’ll put another 4000 on it before my one year of ownership hits in April 2023. Maybe more.
  9. Wolf256

    Vehicle Tax & Registration

    It looks like CA is rubbing off.
  10. Wolf256

    Vehicle Tax & Registration

    Just wait until y’all see what those in California pay. The yearly renewal is prohibitive down there.
  11. Wolf256

    Door cup holders

    They hold energy drink cans pretty well, too.
  12. Wolf256

    Full Size Spare on Badlands

    I used my Pirelli’s for trade value at Discount Tires. The spare had no mileage on it, while the four on vehicle had a little over 8000 miles (~1/32 of wear by the shop measurements). I received $200.00 off my purchase and the removal of the disposal fee, since they’ll sell them to a customer...
  13. Wolf256

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    When you get to a final version, I would love one. Let me know and what costs would be for creation and mailing/shipping.
  14. Wolf256

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Mine had 8000 on them. It would have been a better price if I had ordered them with the vehicle, but I honesty didn’t see that option. Too intent on other things at the time.
  15. Wolf256

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    This is what I did, too. I plan a five tire rotation. I also had a tpms put in the spare So it should be recognized once it goes on. I know a lot of people don’t agree with a five tire rotation, but when it’s time for new tires, I don’t want one that has no wear that I need to match. I had a...
  16. Wolf256

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I went with the Falkens, too. 235/65R17. I have a matching spare rim and it fits in the spare tire well just fine. I can’t get the nut on, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Mine went on Wednesday. I also had black locking lugs put on.
  17. Wolf256

    Intermittent irritating noise that comes from the rear passenger area

    I don’t know if anyone else has discovered that a piece inside the tailgate is not snapped into place. It was easy enough to do, but was just rattling around. If you open the hatch and look between the hinges and the top of the car, there is a plate that goes all the way across. Mine was just...
  18. Wolf256

    Prepper, Survivalist and Tactical

    I fixed that for you. 😁
  19. Wolf256

    Stuck "Awaiting Shipment" Waiting Room

    ETA is Thanksgiving? Really Ford. 🤦‍♀️