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  1. Outback Texan

    Mileage - Badlands - 1st road trip and 1st off road.

    San Antonio, TX to Provo, UT and back, (about 2600 miles) plus about 500 miles while there. Running 91 or 93 octane. Running 70-75 on the hwy, occasionally 80, and mostly with cruise control. Total trip was 25 mpg. Elevation was from about 1000 feet to 5000 feet with occasional 7000 feet over...
  2. Outback Texan

    2nd and 3rd gear ratio difference?

    Why is there such little difference between 2nd and 3rd gear? 3.31 and 3.01.
  3. Outback Texan

    Finally got the ‘22 Badlands off road!

    South of Saratoga Springs, UT. We went to five locations today west and south of Utah Lake. I easily made it up Little Moab!
  4. Outback Texan

    BS tire pressure accuracy!

    How accurate are you finding your Bronco Sport’s tire pressure monitoring system, compared to a good hand held meter?
  5. Outback Texan

    Sport Graphics on Heritage Editions...

    I'd love to buy some graphics for my BL like those white ones along the side of this Heritage Edition.
  6. Outback Texan

    Air pump recommendations...

    2022 Badlands here... I have a small 12 volt Bonaire tire pump (see below) that I've had for several years. (Home Dept around $39) It's fed by a long cable that plugs into a 12 volt outlet. I have no idea what it's output is, but it's not much. Of course in my Badlands, I have both 12V and A/C...
  7. Outback Texan

    Bronco Off-Rodeo - Grey Wold Ranch, TX

    OK... They just sent me the "official" photo from the June 18 event.
  8. Outback Texan

    Looking for a new BADLANDS badge

    I want to remove the two BADLANDS badges from the sides of my BS. Then I want to buy a new one to put on the rear lift gate, opposite my FORD emblem. Are those available from Ford?
  9. Outback Texan

    Body Side Molding Options

    Are there any options for body side mouldings OTHER THAN those on the Ford Accessory site?
  10. Outback Texan

    Ford's Prepaid Scheduled Maintenance Plan - changing oil earlier

    7 weeks now with my Badlands... and purchased the prepaid regular maintenance plan. The one I got was for the earlier of 5 years or 75,000 miles... 10 services. Using the Motorcraft Synthetic Blend here in the south Texas heat, I plan to change oil every 5,000 miles. I figure this will help with...
  11. Outback Texan

    I sure hope nothing nothing breaks on my new Badlands. SLOW SERVICE!

    I was at my Ford dealer yesterday to pick up an accessor. While there I was discussing oil changes with the service manager. He said that if I needed service (other than oil changes) it would take 3 weeks to get an appointment and then it would sit in the shop for 10 days before they looked at it!
  12. Outback Texan

    Not very observant!

    Six weeks today with my Badlands… just noticed tonight that the fog lights come on (left or right) when turning left or right.
  13. Outback Texan

    Bronco OffRodeo Texas

    Bronco OffRodeo Texas - 06/18/22
  14. Outback Texan

    How to stop my Badlands from "waking up" every time I open a door?

    Is there any way to stop my Badlands from "waking up" every time I open a door. Dash comes alive... rocks transform into a bucking bronco... headlights come on (with fan) etc... seems like a lot of unnecessary activity when I just wanted to get my cell phone that I left on the passenger seat!
  15. Outback Texan

    Booked Austin Bronco Off-Roadeo

    I just booked a Saturday class at Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas (outside of Austin) for my 15 year old grandson and I on June 18. It's only an hour drive north of my home, so we'll make it a day trip.
  16. Outback Texan

    HomeLink trouble

    Anyone have trouble programming their Homelink button to work with their Genie garage door? I programmed my wife's new car a few months ago with no trouble. I can't get it to work on my new BS BL. I've tried both methods outlined in the manual and a HomeLink video from their web site.... 1)...
  17. Outback Texan

    Washed out screen...

    My infotainment screen is not very crisp... seems to lack contrast... looks sort of "washed out" like a slightly overexposed photo. I don't see any settings for the screen.
  18. Outback Texan

    How much extra for synthetic oil, at dealer or mechanic shop?

    If you are not changing your own oil... How much is your dealer or mechanic charging you for oil/filter change OVER the price of the Motorcraft synthetic blend?
  19. Outback Texan

    Removing badges (OuterBanks, Badlands, Big Bend, etc)

    Can these be removed and repositioned without damaging the paint. If so, how?