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  1. The Pope

    Is the 2.0L Direct Injection Only or is it Direct & Port Injection?

    On the Bronco (not the Sport), the 4 cyl can be selected for "most" of the trims. The MT is only currently available with the 4 cyl. This in my opinion was a Big Mistake on FoMoCo's part. The adding of a Catch Can is the work around that I was referring to.
  2. The Pope

    Does 2.0L engine use cylinder deactivation like the 1.5?

    Whether or not an engine is under-powered or not, will depend on several factors. -Weight of vehicle -Transmission Gearing -Axle Gearing -Tire Size .... just to name a few. Also.... for me.... whether or not a vehicle can accelerate at a acceleration factor that I'm comfortable with or not (all...
  3. The Pope

    About time for a 3rd party review one one think?!

    My 2007 Mercury Mariner tripped 238K miles last week and I have two other vehicles (2014 sports car & 2011 sport tour motorcycle) that are in my daily driver stable and have only hung on to the Mariner to hold down the mileage (75K & 23K respectively) on those. Whenever I decide on what it will...
  4. The Pope

    Is the 2.0L Direct Injection Only or is it Direct & Port Injection?

    @dreamwrx , that's what I thought....... I'm really wanting a DI/PI Fuel System. I'm fully aware of the Pro's/Con's of both & the Work Arounds of the DI Only Systems. This alone will most likely make me finally decide that the Bronco Sport isn't for me and that the Bronco would be a better...
  5. The Pope

    Is the 2.0L Direct Injection Only or is it Direct & Port Injection?

    As the title reads, what is the Fuel Injection System used on the 2.0L?
  6. The Pope

    Gas prices & emissions discussions

    If someone thinks that if the USA could get to Zero Carbon Emissions, all would be good and the world pollution problem would be solved.... well... they are Sadly Mistaken. There are other countries that produce WAY MORE Emission and that are not slowing down their production of them (more than...
  7. The Pope

    Ranger Tremor vs. Bronco Sport

    No MT (well there wasn't one mentioned)........
  8. The Pope

    Bronco Sport vs Toyota RAV4 TRD Comparison (Roadshow)

    Per post #7 in this thread: the Sport can be Flat Towed.
  9. The Pope

    Universal Garage Door Opener

    The 2.0 should have been the Base Engine and the 2.3 the upgrade....... AND..... a MT should have been offered with both of these (2.0 & 2.3) engines!!!!
  10. The Pope

    How will the Badlands suspension impact on road driving?

    I'm going to chime in and say that the Tires will be more of the determining factor on ride quality. An AT will normally ride smoother than a MT due to the sidewall stiffness.
  11. The Pope

    DIY maintenance questions (fluid changes)

    Good questions. I'd like to know as well.....
  12. The Pope

    Would you choose Bronco 4 doors or Bronco sport?

    The Bronco Sport Badland w/Badlands package is roughly the same price as the Honda Passport. That's another reason that I'm cross shopping it.
  13. The Pope

    Would you choose Bronco 4 doors or Bronco sport?

    The Passport (properly equipped) has a 5000lbs Tow Rating.... which is currently more that what FoMoCo has listed for the Bronco & Bronco Sport. That's in itself is important to me and why the Passport is on my short list.
  14. The Pope

    Would you choose Bronco 4 doors or Bronco sport?

    I'm still trying to sort this out..... and as what "Should & Shouldn't" be cross shopped ....... well.... that's Totally Up To The Person Who Is Buying A Vehicle. I'm Cross Shopping ..... 2D Bronco Bronco Sport Honda Passport and maybe a few others......
  15. The Pope

    First Real Life Look at Area 51 Color on Bronco Sport Outer Banks

    The Bronco Sport currently isn't offered in a 2 door. The larger Bronco is offered in a 2 door & 4 door.
  16. The Pope

    A bit frustrated...

    I'm seeing on the Sport and the larger Bronco that whomever is in charge of selecting what the options should be and for which options will or will not be available for each trim is someone who totally doesn't understand the target market for these vehicles. SMH....
  17. The Pope

    Full Tech Spec Comparison vs the Competition

    Thanks! Now... as to "what" the competition is.... (for me).... *CVT equipped vehicles are not on "my" comparison list. (Must have AT or MT) *Towing "must" be equal to or greater than my 2007 Mercury 3.0 V6 Mariner. which is 3500 per ...
  18. The Pope

    Reserved and ordered.

    Orders should be available for the Bronco Sport, but the Bronco (larger) it's just reservations.
  19. The Pope

    Official: 2021 Bronco Sport Info Thread: Specs, Trims, Colors, Wallpapers, Photos & Videos

    SYNC 3 on a Brand New Design!!!!!! WTF is FoMoCo Thinking????? New Designs should have the Newest SYNC 4 Tow Rating of ONLY 2000 Lbs!!!!!! I can only guess that FoMoCo was only going after the Subaru Outback market, because Jeep and Honda have a much higher tow rating. SMH...... Well...