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  1. NDB2Guy

    ♦ Black Diamond Off-Road Package Announced For Bronco Sport Big Bend and Outer Banks & Off-Roadeo Experience Now Included on All Bronco Sport

    Garbage wheels? Love my steelies. If anything, it sucks non BL orders can now add them
  2. NDB2Guy

    "Easy" HomeLink Upgrade -- RAV4 HomeLink mirror accessory

    I honestly wouldn't put it in the same wheelhouse, since this doesn't require any wiring. To even get the wiring in my Badlands I would have had to buy the wiring harness which was another $60 minimum. You have to put a price on your time. This got me what I wanted in a few minutes for not a...
  3. NDB2Guy

    "Easy" HomeLink Upgrade -- RAV4 HomeLink mirror accessory

    My Badlands with the poverty package doesn't have an auto dim mirror or HomeLink. I have 3 overheads that I deal with on a regular basis, so I really didn't want to have to carry around 3 transmitters. Not the cheapest solution, but definitely the easiest (one screw). The RAV4 HomeLink mirror...
  4. NDB2Guy

    2023 Bronco Sport Heritage Edition Revealed! 1,966 Heritage Limited Edition Units. Robin's Egg Blue & Yellowstone Metallic First Looks

    I'm sorry, the Sport version is awful and I can imagine the crap I'm going to get for owning a Sport when people see these things in the wild. The Sport version should have been a throwback to the BII that came from the get go with an Eddie Bauer trim level. Tan top, Tan Pin Stripe, Tan...
  5. NDB2Guy

    Waiting room

    Imagine you're 35 and your parents decide to have a new baby.... Exiting the waiting room NOW!
  6. NDB2Guy

    2023 Bronco Sport colors from Ford Dealer site (new Atlas Blue & Eruption Green colors)

    Badlands in Green with the Piano Black replaced in white and white mock steelies.... Erection Green.
  7. NDB2Guy

    Waiting room

    I didn't necessarily feel like tracking the trains either. Got a text from a friend of mine at the dealership. Dealer: Hey, your Bronco hit the local railyard offload yesterday(July 11). Should be here July 29th +/- Me: 18 days to go 18 miles? You need me to go pick it up? *crickets* Odd...
  8. NDB2Guy

    Premium package on the Badlands worth the price of admission?

    Badlands Poverty Package for the win. The only thing I wish I could get out of it was the heated wheel (dear Ford, please package heated seats, wheel and block heater as a cold weather package). For leather seats, it's cheaper for me to spec out some Katzkin leathers and I'll end up with a...
  9. NDB2Guy

    Cleaning issues with cloth accents on OB/BL leather seats?

    Or buy a Big Bend and install some Katzkin leathers...way better leather and if you don't care about some of the OB features, still save yourself some money. That's my plan on my BL poverty package after having some awful experiences with Ford's "leather" in an Edge.
  10. NDB2Guy

    Waiting for what I want versus spending too much

    I'd wait. I think everyone is losing their minds whenever there is a mention about somebody dropping a feature. There is no way that Ford is going to drop heated wheel or heated seats. Now, what I see them doing is delivering heated seat/heated wheel capable vehicles without the modules...
  11. NDB2Guy

    Why did you order a Bronco Sport?

    $1000 off makes the wait a lot easier to stomach and disappointment in how the local dealer Big Bend orders were being optioned. $1000 off on the Badlands gets me really close (in price) to the Big Bend I wanted with way more vehicle. Also figured it was good karma for a guy that's owned 4...