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  1. BigBend

    51,000 Mile Report - Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend Edition

    Just broke the 51,000 mile mark on the odometer, so thought I should report in. I have a 2021 Big Bend with the 1.5 3 cylinder engine. Of course I do drive a lot. Numerous trips from my home in southeast Wisconsin across the U.P. of Michigan, Detroit, southern Indiana and Kentucky, Twin Cities...
  2. BigBend

    Bronco Sport Shock Absorber Issue

    Took my Big Bend in for an oil change recently. Dealer included a full check over of the vehicle. Came to me and said that the rear shocks were both leaking. They ordered two shocks for me (it was a Saturday). I am getting the shocks installed this week. This issue is covered under warranty. I...
  3. BigBend

    Bronco Sport Flat Tire Experience Using Ford Roadside Assistance

    Last night, after putting out my garbage carts, was walking up my driveway and saw a big gray spot on the rear passenger tire of my Bronco Sport. As I got closer, saw that a bolt head was firmly against the back of the tire. I have the factory Continentals on my Big Bend. The bolt was in so...
  4. BigBend

    2021 Bronco Sport 10,000 Mile Report

    Broke the 10,000 mile mark this past week on my Big Bend edition. I have had the vehicle a little over 4 months, yes I drive quite a bit, especially for work. A number of long drives, including a trip from southeastern Wisconsin north, across the U.P. of Michigan, across the Makinac Bridge, and...