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  1. Resale values

    Out of curiosity I looked up my Kelley Blue Book value (Big Bend model) I was shocked and thought there was a glitch. Value was listed over $38,000! Darned near $10k more than I paid for mine new. So I looked for comparable Sports listed nearby on Dealers had them ranging from $35,000...
  2. Getting gas pump nozzle in filler neck

    Stopped for gas first time in this vehicle. Had some issue getting the nozzle in filler neck. Was being careful not to be forceful and damage anything following the pictograms on fuel door. Finally the stopper released and allowed the nozzle in. Hopefully this much foreplay isn't needed every...
  3. Hello

    Just picked up my Cactus Gray Big Bend yesterday! Dealer had the all weather floor mats in stock so got those in right away. Very happy with first outings with it.