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  1. Jenbeth

    Area 51 Fun

    I’ve been having a little bit of fun with the color of my BS…anybody else enjoying the “theme”?
  2. Jenbeth

    July 2022 Waiting Room

    This thread is for those of us in build week 6/27, but produced in July as well as those built the week of 7/4 prior to the shutdown. Unless someone posts something different, I believe all of our modules cam “live” in July and then all communication stopped. You can see the details of my...
  3. Jenbeth

    Modules are live, but “In Production” all week

    Throwing this out there for anyone who might have gone through the same or similar situation. Modules went live on Monday 7/4, still listed “In Production” I have been given an estimated delivery timeframe of 8/5-8/11 which is curious because, according to Ford, the vehicle is still “In...
  4. Jenbeth

    Fender Flares

    I wasn’t able to order fender flares because one of my options wouldn’t allow it. I’m not sure if it was the moonroof, tech package, or 360º Assist+ Does anyone know off hand which option didn’t allow it? My biggest concern is adding after market fender flares and it messing up the 360º Assist+...
  5. Jenbeth

    Ramp RA86?

    Anybody know which Ramp RA86 is? Used “SEARCH” on here but found nothing.
  6. Jenbeth

    Ford Tracking (official) stopped working

    Anyone else wake up to this issue? Enter info, hit “accept and track” and my info disappears and page goes nowhere.
  7. Jenbeth

    6/27 Build Week

    Tracker officially says “”In Production” Window Sticker not available on Ford Tracker but IS available through the back door site Join the conversation if you are a 6/27 Build Week, obsessively obsessing like so many others. Ordered: 3/7 Order Confirmed: 3/7 Scheduled for Production email...
  8. Jenbeth

    Production Date changed AGAIN

    Ordered March 7th On 3/31 given production date of May 30 On 4/14 date changed to 6/6 On 5/20 date changed to 6/13 On 6/8 date changed to 6/20 At 1:45 this morning production date changed to 6/27 This is absolutely ridiculous, people have lives, we need to be able to make plans, we need to be...