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  1. Cleaning a "foggy" window

    Well, I guess this isn't such a novel occurrence after all. About 5-6 yrs ago, our daughter couldn't find the ice scraper in the garage before leaving for school in the morning. So in a hurry she grabbed a sanding block to scape the ice off the windshield. Permanent scrapes and gouges in the...
  2. Where is my stick shifter

    That episode of Eight is Enough is exactly what I thought of when I saw the post about the knob.
  3. Peak Blue Metallic Bronco Sport Heritage Edition Spotted

    Peak Blue is a lot better than Robin Egg Blue! Hey, FMC...Pinstriping should be an option for all trim levels!
  4. Bronco Sport Cactus Gray Changed?

    Colors look different on different computer screens/monitors, and can even look different on the same screen at a different time. I don't think anything has changed at FMC regarding Cactus Gray.
  5. Spied: Bronco Sport Heritage Edition In Yellowstone Metallic

    Not gonna lie, I don't like the Heritage Edition colors for the Bronco Sport. The price point is way overpriced, also. Definitely not worth the money. The Bronco Sport script badge is cool, however.
  6. 3 car seats!

    Modern day safety issues are good. A far cry from what my parents and brothers and sisters experienced in the 60s/70s. Wooden board slats across the width of the VW bus so kids could lay down on long drives. Then no seat belts in station wagons as we all piled into the seats, sitting on top of...
  7. Ordered a Bronco Sport Outer Banks

    The first time we saw a new Ford Maverick was early in Feb 2022. I had to explain the new model to my wife because she used to drive the Maverick car version 40 yrs ago. Saw one around town here a few months ago...the Area 51 color caught my eye as it drove by. The color looks really good on...
  8. Thoughts on the new Dodge Hornet vs Bronco Sport

    Wow, is that an AMC Pacer? Haven't seen one of those in ages.
  9. Tips on selling used bronco sport big bend?

    Last year Carvana was offering outragious prices for vehicles. The market seems to have calmed down now. Good luck.
  10. Car seats

    Well, that's a great problem to have! Congratulations on your growing family! Your concerns take me back a few years when I traded in my beloved Bronco II (structural rust even though I loved the vehicle) for a new Ford Explorer Sport 2 dr. We had two kids at the time. Less than a yr later, I...
  11. Going from 21 Big Bend to 22 Badlands - thoughts and impressions

    I've done the same thing more than a few times. 🤣
  12. Bronco Sports Without Model Badges?

    with the orange color choice and your velocity blue Bronco Sport, are you a Denver Broncos fan? A Fighting Illini fan? A Florida Gator fan?
  13. 2023 Bronco Sport Heritage Edition Revealed! 1,966 Heritage Limited Edition Units. Robin's Egg Blue & Yellowstone Metallic First Looks

    The red 2dr Bronco looks the best out of all of the heritage models. The pinstripe highlights are cool. Some of the interior color highlights are nice. That's about it for me. The robin egg blue and the canary yellow are atrocious.
  14. Badland headlights?

    Big Bend package is MY21. Things changed in MY22.
  15. Badland headlights?

    Base and Big Bend trim levels have LED headlights without the full circle/line. Outerbanks and Badlands have the signature headlights.
  16. Wrinkled floor below passenger door molding & Buzzing speaker

    That's awful! Definite quality control issues there. I'd take that right back to the dealership pronto!
  17. Interior Trim Replacements

    Colors to match exterior color would be great. Sometimes you need a little pop of color instead of silver/grey/carbon fiber.
  18. Sunroof Leak

    I have a '22 BB, no problems with the moonroof. The car is not parked in a garage, out in the elements every day with lots of rain.
  19. Anyone else missing the panel under the dash above the passenger side fuse box where the floor air ducts are.

    Your dealership is full of BS...and that doesn't stand for Bronco Sport!
  20. Default to Eco Mode : DIY How-To

    That picture looks like the don't litter TV commercial from the 70's.