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  1. Econoline

    [Nav] Setting Current Location as a Favorite

    I occasionally want to save my current location as a Favorite in navigation. The cryptic system prompt is "If you do not specify a location, the system will use the current vehicle location."[as a favorite] but I couldn't figure out how to make that work. Here's the method, it does work, but...
  2. Econoline

    Lug Nuts for Faux Steelies

    Looking for black lug nuts to replace the Ford 2-piece lug nuts on the Ford aluminum "steelie" wheels. I contacted Driven Products and confirmed that these are the ones DP. The fit is perfect for thread and taper. but the "skirt" on the OEM nut is 4.5mm wider diameter leaving a gap around the...
  3. Econoline

    Key FOB - 4 or 5 Button?

    I received 2x key fobs with my BL, both 4 button as pictured. The owner's manual only shows a 5 button fob. Just curious, what fob did you get with your BS?
  4. Econoline

    Transferring Garmin POI's to Sync3?

    I've been using Garmin Nuvi GPS's for years, and the POI's can be exported from one Nuvi and imported into another Nuvi. I now have about 100 POI's that I would like to transfer from Nuvi to Sync3 nav. Anyone know if that's possible or do I need to start over with new POI's in the Sync3?
  5. Econoline

    Anyone Use a Lockout Key?

    Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I always kept a spare key in a magnetic key box hidden under the chassis somewhere, just in case I got locked out. The BS is a little more complicated due to needing the Intelligent Access key to start the engine, even after using the mechanical key blade to open...
  6. Econoline

    How is the Badlands at Highway Speeds?

    I'm curious what people think of the BL freeway performance at 70-85mph. What rpm's do you see, is there still power in reserve, and is it a relaxed cruise at speed? I'm coming from an Escape hybrid that is unpleasant and stressful to run at those speeds (think 4k rpm), so I'm hoping the BL...
  7. Econoline

    Full Specs on Bronco Sport

    Check out this site for rather complete specs & performance data on the BS:
  8. Econoline

    Tow Package Spare Tire with Steelie Upgrade

    Couple of wheel questions for BS BL: The tow package comes with a "Full Size Spare Wheel" from the description. Does that mean a rim & tire like the other 4, or is it a steel rim for the spare? Is this "Full Size Spare Wheel" compatible with the aluminum steelie wheel upgrade as far as size?
  9. Econoline

    Flip-Up Rear Glass - An Essential Feature?

    Every SUV I've owned in the past 20 years has had flip-up glass in the lift-gate, and I use that feature often. From easily loading grocery bags, transporting long lumber, to accessing rear cargo when a hitch mounted bike rack blocks the lift-gate, so much more convenient than lift-gate only...
  10. Econoline

    Made a Deposit on a 2022

    I was at my local dealer for service and went by the sales department afterwards. I inquired when I could place an order for a 2022 Badlands and if my X-Plan would apply. Was told that X-Plan is good and I could make a deposit now for when the ordering window opens 8/31. So I made a refundable...
  11. Econoline

    Fold Flat Rear Seats?

    Any information or thoughts on whether the back seats will fold down completely flat? I'm in an '07 Escape Hybrid and the rear seats go down perfectly flat and level, no slope to the seat backs. That's become a must have feature for me for sleeping in the back and cargo carrying. On my old...