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  1. Elegance

    Short Video Clip - Ford Hermosillo Plant Bronco Sport Assembly

    I was perusing YouTube and came across this super neat clip of how the Bronco Sport goes through the assembly line at the Hermosillo Ford Plant. It's interesting to think about all of the steps that go into constructing our wonderful vehicles and just how much knowledge is built into the process...
  2. Elegance

    2023 Potential White Painted Roof Option Very different. We have black and grey. What do y'all think about white?
  3. Elegance

    Stuck "Awaiting Shipment" Waiting Room

    Wanted to compile an exact list of folks who are built but "Awaiting shipment" for an extended period of time. In the past, Ordertrack has had an estimated wait time between "Built" and "Shipped" totaling approximately three days. I've personally waited 12 as of today and I know many of you are...
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    Arizona WTB - Air Design Fender Flares

    Looking to purchase someone's spare unused set of Air Design Fender Flares. Located in AZ but willing to pay shipping. Thanks!
  5. Elegance

    Reflective Bronco Decals options?

    Does anyone know of a shop that sells reflective Bronco logo stickers? I bought a secondhand tow hitch mounted cargo carrier off Marketplace and my boyfriend is so kindly sanding the rust off and painting it Carbonized Gray to match my roof. The old reflective decals had basically rotted away...
  6. Elegance

    Photo Dump - Atlas Blue vs. Velocity Blue

    As a soon-to-be Velocity Blue owner, I was curious just how different the discontinued color is from our upcoming MY23 Atlas Blue. I've compiled photos from various sources to highlight a few key differences. Atlas Blue seems to be just slightly darker than Velocity Blue and has more metallic...
  7. Elegance

    Forest Service Maverick (And other Ford Fleet options)

    I just chatted with my Forest's fleet manager who spent some time at our District office today. Turns out, Ford dominated our fleet orders this fiscal year because they have the most competitively priced vehicles. He showed up in this: He also told me before he left that another individual on...
  8. Elegance

    Interior Trim Replacements

    Anybody 3D printing or mass producing these interior trim pieces in custom colors yet? No luck with my Google searching thus far. I know there's a bunch of interior "carbon fiber" stuff on the market, but I'm interested in a different color for these pieces specifically. Would be neat to add a...
  9. Elegance

    RIP MPG - 1.5L Cross-Country Trip W/ Roof Basket

    As many of you know, I traveled over 1800 miles this week from NC to my permanent home in AZ after a 4-month work assignment in my dream National Forest. I'm a federal employee hired via a competitive fellowship which requires me to take a detail assignment (different position and duty station)...
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    Hit me with your best mods (Fire away)

    My favorite thing about all of you folks is that you share the same passion for your Sports as I do. I'm curious to see what your absolute favorite modifications to your Sport are. Pictures are encouraged, especially if your mods are DIY or super unique! I'll show you mine if you show me yours...
  11. Elegance

    Share your best Bronco admiration stories

    I love this vehicle more than any car I've ever driven in my life. As if that wasn't enough, I am constantly stopped by folks, almost daily, who compliment my Sport, ask how I like it, or ask questions about the vehicle. It's rare I have an outing where I park somewhere and don't get approached...
  12. Elegance

    First paint chip...and it's a doozy

    I'm so fortunate that my office is connected to my National Forest's Visitor Center, so there are loads of people in and out of our lot every day. Great for public interface, but there is no safe place to park my Bronco. A wonderful person left me a parting gift before heading out to the Forest...
  13. Elegance

    How long are you willing to wait?

    I feel like I'm seeing more and more folks abandoning their orders and finding a comparable Sport on a lot and going with it, even if that means sacrificing desired features or color. I've also met many individuals who won't give up their order for anything for a variety of reasons - Price...
  14. Elegance

    What's your favorite thing about your Sport?

    I'm sitting here looking at the generated images of my order wishing I could just instantly build it and teleport the vehicle into my garage. To hold me over, I'd love to hear some of your favorite things about your Bronco Sport. Pictures are also appreciated!
  15. Elegance

    Cargo Area Scratch Fix?

    While hosting my family during their vacation last week, the cargo area took a bit of a beating due to the oversized heavy suitcases they flew in with. I've got some minor scratches on the wheel "humps" that seem to just be surface level and red scuffs I plan on just using a magic eraser on...
  16. Elegance

    Bronco TLC while living out of an Airbnb

    I've relocated to NC for 4 months for a work assignment and I'm living out of an Airbnb. It's an awesome little 600 square foot cabin in the woods. Truly getting the full immersive western NC experience. But, I am lacking a few creature comforts my boyfriend have in our permanent home in AZ. My...
  17. Elegance

    Too Many Colors?

    I placed an order for a Velocity Blue Badlands with Premium and Towing Packages. It'll have the body color door handles and I also wanted the gray roof (to tie together with the wheels). With the blue exterior, brown interior, gray roof and wheels, black grille, and white logos, I'm getting a...
  18. Elegance

    Poll: Do you Do the "Bronco Wave?"

    After relocating to North Carolina, I have noticed a significantly higher number of Bronco drivers on the road. In my small Arizona town, there were only about 4 of us (3 Sports and 1 big Bronco), and we would consistently wave whenever we drove past each other. I'm always excited when I see...
  19. Elegance

    New Button in FordPass

    Well this is new. Showed up with a FordPass app update today. Is this some sort of panic button? Afraid to press it and wake the neighbors.
  20. Elegance

    A Poll for Science - How big of a role does dealer size play in delivery time?

    Hi folks. I'm an ecologist by trade, so naturally I have to question the Bronco Sport ordering process just as I would anything else - With the scientific method! This is a poll to find out how much influence the size of a dealership plays in custom ordered Bronco Sport manufacturing and...